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Top 10 things to know about permits in Botswana

Top 10 things to know about permits in Botswana

For living and working in Botswana one has to apply for a visa or permit first. First things first. Here are the most important things –

hence our Top 10 list –

that have to be considered when you need to have a visa or permit in Botswana:

  1. Permits in Botswana are issued by the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs
  2. When obtaining a long term permit one needs to apply for a residence permit as well
  3. Medical certificates and radiological reports are considered as one document and are only valid for 14 days


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  4. Visitor visas allow you to have to visit Botswana on a multiple entry basis but can only be renewed for the remainder of your 90 day stay Continue reading

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EXPATRIATE ARTICLE: Work permits choices for foreign companies

I was recently approached for immigration advice by a US based company who won a contract to demolish an industrial site in South Africa. The demolition would take approximately 17 weeks and the company was intending to send 8 of their experts over for the duration of the project. I would like to use this example, because it is a common enquiry our office of Immigration lawyers receives these days. Be it an engineering house working on Kusile or Medupi projects or experts being sent to South Africa to start implementing the recently awarded renewable energy projects, the immigration and visa related issues are the same.

The US company has basically two options. For assignments shorter than 12 weeks one can think of the sec. 11 (2) permit. This permit allows the foreigner to work and is issued to upon entry into South Africa at the airport. The foreigner needs to present a letter of approval issued by the Department of Home Affairs. In order to obtain such an approval letter, we submit the flight details, passport copies and most importantly a request in writing by the local company explaining why they need the foreigner. Currently Home Affairs needs 5-10 Continue reading

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Home Affairs has started asking for additional documents

It has come to our attention that the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) in Pretoria has starting asking for additional documents. For work permits, the department is now asking SARS documents as well as CIPRO documents of the employer. DHA wants to ensure that the employer is complaint with SARS regulations as well as registered as a legal entity with the company registrar. It is our recommendation that every work permit application should be accompanied by company registration documents as well as an Income Tax registration to comply with these internal requirements.

We also learned that the department of home affairs in Bellville requests a confirmation letter from the Asylum Committee that an asylum seeker is indeed on a valid asylum seeker status. Continue reading


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Exceptional Skills Work Permit in South Africa

Based on the current South African Immigration Act foreigners, who provide exceptional skills and qualifications are allowed to apply for an „exceptional skills work permit“. However, no close definition of the term “exceptional skills” is stated, which leaves room for interpretation. Basically an exceptional skills work permit has a validation of three years.

Numerous documents need to be submitted in order to obtain the „exceptional skills work permit“. In addition to standard documents such as valid passport, completed and signed application form, medical and radiological report and proof of financial means, a letter of a South African organ of State or a letter of an established academic, cultural or business body, confirming the applicant’s exceptional skills and qualifications has to be provided. Continue reading


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