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Submitting a work visa application at the South African Embassy in Harare Zimbabwe

Important information:


Zimbabwean nationals or residence holders wishing to submit general work visa applications at the South African Embassy in Harare, please note:

  • The old application form needs to be submitted, where “part P” is completed and stamped by the potential employer.
  • All employer documents, ie. Motivational letter, undertakings, employment contract need to be in original format and stamped by the company.
  • Furthermore, if one uses a newspaper advert, it would have been expired at the time of submission (meaning more than 4 months old) to the Embassy. Therefore one has to state the case that labour takes +/- 4-5 months to be issued and the advertisement is a requirement for labour and not for the embassy. The Embassy might not want to accept the application because of this reason. Continue reading


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SA´s dysfunctional work permit system

Since the Immigration Amendment Act in May 2014 came into effect, South Africa is struggling with the dysfunctional work permit system. The South African work visa requires a certificate of the Department of Labour, which will ensure the need to employ a foreigner. But delays in implementation and the still ill-equipped South African Department of Labour require a processing time of 4 months to issue a recommendation, and after that the applicant will still not know if it is positive or negative. That is just the beginning of the serious problems in the work permit system.

On his online letter, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Zulu chief, South African politician, founder and chairman of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and South Africa’s former Minister of Home Affairs (1994 –2004), writes about South Africa ´s dysfunctional work permit system:


Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP

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FAQ: What is an exceptional skills permit and what are the requirements?

As a part of our series “frequently asked immigration questions” this post deals with the requirement for a general work permit in South Africa.

With an exceptional skills work permit application, you need to prove to the Department of Home affairs that you have a rare and exceptional skill and that you will benefit South Africa.

For the exceptional skills work permit you would have to prove your qualifications, references, testimonials and publications written by yourself and a few other documentation to apply for such permit at the Department of Home Affairs. Continue reading

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FAQ: What are the requirements for a general work permit?

As a part of our series “frequently asked immigration questions” this post deals with the requirements for a general work permit.

The general work permit is one of the most popular work permits which has been around for many years. It should actually be the last resort, if all other work permit types cannot be used.


Typically, the job position needs to be advertised in a national newspaper. Moreover, the employer needs to explain in writing why none of the respondents to the advert are suitable for the position. The employment contract with the foreign job applicant can only be signed subsequently and it needs to be double checked by the Department of Labour or a benchmarking organization to ensure that the conditions are not inferior to those of South Africans employed in similar positions. Continue reading


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