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Home Affairs implements visa waivers for certain countries

On the 15. August 2019, the Minister of the Department of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi announced in his Budget Vote speech that nationals from the following four countries has been granted visa-free status and will be able to travel to South Africa without visas:

As from today, 15 August 2019, travellers from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand will no longer require a visa to visit South Africa for holidays, conferencing and business meeting visits. We took this decision unilaterally but we are engaging these countries to see how they can relax entry requirements for our citizens. I am glad to say that Qatar has already waived visa requirements for South Africans and this will enable our people to attend Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 easier,” said Minister Motsoaledi. Continue reading

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Why take requests for waivers such a long time to finalize?

Today we would like to give you a short information and understanding about the process of waiver application and why requests for waivers take such a long time to finalize.

First, you have to submit the application at the waiver section. Only once a complete application is received, officials will start with the drafting of a submission and letter. This will be later signed by the Minister of Home Affairs. After this, the following steps are required:

1. After processing the application it goes to the Temporary Residential Service for corrections

2. From there it will go to the Deputy Director

3. After Deputy Director it will go to the Chief Director

4. From the Chief Director it will go to the Advocate of “Legal Service“

5. From the Advocate of “Legal Service“ it will go to the Director General Continue reading

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