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Visitors Visa for South Africa

Famous for Table Mountain, its beautiful beaches and award-winning winelands makes South Africa a popular tourist destination.

Travelling and entering into South Africa for tourists can be determined by whether you are from a visa exempt country or visa non-exempt country.

Travellers from visa exempt countries, such as most European and North American countries, do not need a visa for South Africa. Continue reading

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‘Enter on or before’ date on your visa is not an expiry date

Contrary to popular belief, the ‘Enter on or before’ date on your visa is not an expiry date

There is a difference between visas issued within South Africa and visas issued in foreign countries. Visas issued in South Africa have an official expiry date that says VISA EXPIRY DATE. Visas issued outside South Africa has a section where is says ‘enter on or before’.

One should pay close attention to the ‘enter on or before’ date. This date is not your visa’s expiry date but the latest date at which you should have entered South Africa to activate your visa.

When entering South Africa, you will be issued with an entry stamp, and that entry stamp will hold your official visa expiry date.

The immigration officer at the airport issues this stamp with a ‘VALID UNTIL’ date. This date will be the date of entry plus the duration of your visa.

If you have a 3 year visa it will be the date 36 months from your date of entry.

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Permanent Residence in SA – latest developments

Permanent Residence in SA – latest developments

Currently we are experiencing inconsistencies in the processing of Permanent Residence (PR) applications. In a recent article in our blog and newsletter, we shared the information gazetted by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), that over 4.600 old applications might be lost.

This refers to PR applications submitted prior to the introduction of VFS in June 2014, a private company now handling the submission and collection of applications on behalf of DHA, as well as their safe transport to DHA Pretoria.

IBN can proudly confirm, that we have no applications left outstanding on this list, which were still submitted directly to DHA. We have checked the entire list for familiar names. Found a few, but those clients have all long had their PR’s issued. So we don’t know what happened to the remaining old applicants, but believe that many have either been solved or moved on.

However all is still not good with DHA. A new backlog is currently created, as we have indeed PR applications outstanding since December 2014. Those have of course been submitted via VFS and can be tracked. All VFS confirms though is that they were handed to DHA typically a day or two after submission.

No further updates are available. We are currently pressuring DHA to process these long overdue applications, as common practice expects DHA to make decisions within 8 month. Continue reading

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Business Visa – Conditions on Temporary residence

Business Visa - Conditions on Temporary residence

Conditions to be adhered to on a Temporary Residence

Business Visa (Section 15 of the Immigration Act of South Africa)

Foreigners on a temporary business visa must ensure that they are compliant with the condition of the Immigration Act.

In most cases where a new business set up occurs, undertakings for certain requirements are allowed.

In such cases the foreigner will have to comply with the prescribed allocated timeframe as per the Immigration Act to submit such conditions.

Within (12) twelve months of issuance for a temporary Business Visa, the holder of such visa must submit proof that 60% of the total staff compliment is employed in the operations of the business.

Such staff must be South African citizens or permanent resident holders in possession of a permanent employment contract in various positions. Continue reading

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