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Study Visa for South Africa

Home to some of the best universities in Africa, the University of Cape Town (UCT) and Stellenbosch University, makes South Africa an ideal destination for education of any level be it tertiary, secondary and primary.

If an individual wishes to take up schooling in South Africa, they have to apply for a study visa.

The study visa is valid for the duration of the course for which the individual has registered for, be it one year to four years.

There have been a few changes to the study visa; this comes after the amendments of the Immigration Act in May 2014.

Study Visa for South Africa

Study visas will only be issued in cases where the learning institution has been approved by the Department of Higher Education & Training. Continue reading

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Applying for a Study Permit in South Africa

If you are a foreigner wanting to study in South Africa for a period longer than three months – whether at a primary, secondary, or tertiary educational institution a study permit is to be applied for.

Such permit can only be applied for when the applicant received a confirmation of acceptance from a South African educational institution or provisional acceptance letter.

The fundamental documentation required in respect of a study permit is as follows:

-An official letter from the relevant institution confirming provisional acceptance at that institution and the duration of the course

-Proof of medical insurance coverage recognised in the Republic

-Proof of sufficient financial means for the full duration of the course including living and course expenses.

-To notify the department by means of an undertaking on completion of studies.

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