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ANC prepares for a political future without Julius Malema

Julius Malema’s combative leadership of its youth league divided the ruling party on issues of policy and succession and prompted disciplinary action that led to him and his allies being suspended at the weekend. The national disciplinary committee of appeal said that they have a chance to go and mitigate, so until such mitigation has taken place, the sanctions will not kick in. Nevertheless Malema’s rivals in the league are already punting league treasurer Pule Mabe to succeed him.

The reversal in fortunes for Mr Malema, once viewed by President Jacob Zuma as a future ANC leader but who campaigned against a second ANC term for Mr Zuma, also largely clears the way for Mr Zuma to be re-elected ANC president in Mangaung in December. Mr Zuma appears to have emerged much strengthened from the ordeal, and analysts say potential rivals would hesitate to go up against him now.

Political analyst Eusebius McKaiser said yesterday the ANC and Mr Zuma had emerged looking “incredibly strong”. “Nothing short of a very dramatic factor will be enough to make people think about voting for an alternative candidate to Mr Zuma,” Mr McKaiser said. Political analyst Mari Harris of research group Ipsos Markinor agreed, saying: “Julius Malema overestimated his support, both in the country and in the party.”

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Illegal Zimbabweans set to be sent home

As many as 1,5-million Zimbabweans  may be in SA, according to Wits University. Most of them had entered illegally because of political violence and a recession in their country. According to Department of Home Affairs, Home Affairs is to resume deporting Zimbabweans after an amnesty that allowed the refugees to apply to legalise their status in SA ended. More than 255 000 applied to legalise in their stay before the December 31 deadline. For those who have not, “the procedure should be to deport these individuals as illegal foreign nationals”, reads a home affairs document.

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Mazibuko could be a vital step for the Democratic Alliance

Lindiwe Mazibuko decided to put her name forward to lead the party’s parliamantary caucus of the Democratic Alliance (DA). “I’m very pleased to announce that I have decided to stand as a candidate for the position of parliamantary leader in the mid-term caucus leadership elections”, Mazibuko is quoted by reporters from Cape Town. Some people seeing her decision and her choise of team-members (Watty Watson and Wilmot James  for caucus chairman) as an ideal setting to lead the party into a 21st century vision for the country.

The Press describes her as a leader with qualities, integrity and pleasant disposition. She would not shy away from debate, she would get her hands dirty, she would work. And what’s actually of secondary importance is her skin. Nevertheless this point could be also a well change for the  predominantly white Democratic Alliance. Continue reading

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