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Social Media and Recruiting

We have all heard some stories or seen some posts on Facebook about girls getting fired because they went viral on how she hates her boss, or hates her company… But do we really take it seriously enough.

Before you think about posting that naked photos on Facebook, or tagging your friends getting high – having the time of your lives.Social Media

Or what about that Neck Nominations that we loved sharing on Facebook… read the stats below and think about that when you decided its time to look for a new job: these stats are taking from a survey done in 2012…so today it is most definitely a lot higher…

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Social Media Recruiting

How many recruiters are using social media to recruit? According to a new survey, almost all of them – 98% – are using social recruiting. That’s why it’s even more important than ever to have social pressure that is going to attract potential employer.

LinkedIn continues to be the top site for finding candidates, followed by Facebook and Twitter. Google+ and Pinterest are in the mix to a lesser degree.

For 2013, survey respondents said that social networks they plan on using more extensively are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to more recruiters using social media to recruit, social networking is now a leading way to find new clients, tied for the top spot with attending networking events, and ahead of joining professional groups and maintaining an online presence. Continue reading

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Recruiting

Few years ago, we were still debating whether “social” should be used for business at all. Now there are entire companies out there whose marketing and sales cycle depends heavily on social selling, social service, and social media marketing.

It’s fair to say that we’ve arrived. People have divided opinions whether social media is the cure for all business ill, or whether it’s better that some business isn’t best conducted face-to-face or over the phone. We do take advantage of social recruiting but also use social advertising and selling to inform and educate customers, here are some heads up about what NOT to do.

1.) Don’t tempt fate. Every single person has the right to make political statement. If you are determined to make political statements, keep your personal social media accounts separate from your professional accounts.

2.) Don’t have dirty mouth. But Raj! There are tons of people on Twitter, Facebook, even LinkedIn who curse all the time … surely on little da**it for emphasis wouldn’t hurt! The closer you look, the more you’ll realize that those people fall into one of two categories: CEOs (who can say whatever they dang well please) and consultants (who are trying to attract a very specific kind of client). If you don’t fall into one of those two categories of you are a CEO or consultant , lay off the dirty language. Continue reading

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