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Top 5 of our most important Immigration News recently

1.) Update on the 2014 Immigration regulations

Much reporting and debate has taken place since the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) introduced the new immigration regulations on 26 May 2014.

Furthermore the approach seems to be that implementation of this new law starts with the promulgation by the President. Preparation of services, training of staff, etc. is to follow. Basically we got a brand new car delivered, only that the wheels and the seats are still missing – and of course the steering wheel! Continue reading

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Public Notice for Quota Work Permit Holders

This information is for everyone who has been issued with a Quota Work Permit and who has to submit an annual confirmation as condition of their permit. For your convenience and perusal take a look at the following recommendations below:

Previously, the Department of Home Affairs was responsible for collecting the documents, p.e. the annual confirmations, which has been changed due to the new Immigration Act. The merge of Quota Work Permit and Exceptional Skills Permit to the Critical Skills Visa lead to the following problem. VFS, which will from now on deal with all kind of immigration applications, didn’t carry over any processes concerning Quota Work Permits, which is quite confusing for people holding such a permit as they don’t know where to submit the required documents. Continue reading


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FAQ: Do I qualify for a quota work permit, what are the requirements?

In continuation of our new weekly series “frequently asked immigration questions” this contribution deals with the quota work permit and its requirements.

A Quota work permit, is a specific list of professions that the minister sets out and may be applied for by foreigners that meet all the requirements.

quota permit

In order to apply for a Quota permit, your profession has to be listed under one of the categories as per the quota list. The following requirements are also very important:

– be registered with the relevant body, board or council in South Africa. Continue reading

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