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Charles says: Travel with PSG Insure

At PSG Insure we understand that travelling should be a time of relaxation, new discovery, exotic food and lasting memories.

So when luggage goes missing or you miss that special event you paid so much for due to an unforeseen travel delay or you have a medical emergency – being far from away from home can be a rather lonely experience.


picture source: www.foxnews.com

That is why travel through PSG Insure gives you confidence knowing that if anything happens, we are ready to help.

No matter where in the world, lodging a claim is made easy, the insurer that PSG Insure use has an approach to handle claims speedily, professional and fair. Continue reading


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Five reasons why investors should invest in PSG

Over the past year we have focused on spreading the message of the five simple reasons to invest with PSG:

1. A highly qualified team of managers with some of the longest track records in the industry- if one adds up the years’ our team has more than 120 years of experience managing investments! Enough said, the numbers are what the numbers are!

2. A disciplined and investment philosophy founded in value investing- there are many managers in the industry who claim to be ‘value managers’, but the proof of whether they live up to this billing lies in whether they truly have a disciplined application of the value philosophy and investment process. This can be measured and observed from fund holdings and performance – particularly at times when markets move into a momentum phase or when there is a significant correction.

The core of our investment philosophy is staying true to the 3 C’s: Consistent, Conservative and Contrarian. Continue reading

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