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FAQ: Repatriation fee – can we claim it back?

As part of our FAQ series, we have another article which will answer the question for those who paid the repatriation fee and did not receive or claim the money back.frequentlyaskedquestions

Paid repatriation fee – what do to now?

If you have received your Permanent Residence (PR) or if you changed the status of your temporary residence visa after the new law came into effect, the deadline to claim your repatriation fee back directly from the department of Home Affairs was already at the 28th of February 2015.

There were rumors that they will extend this deadline but so far they have unfortunately not done this.

If you have not yet claimed your repatriation fee back, you should try to inquire directly from the Embassy in your Home country when you return home for a visit. Please note: Continue reading


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FAQ: What to do if my PR certificate is lost?

Currently we are getting many requests about what to do when the certificate of your permanent residence is lost. Therefore we add this question to our FAQ series.


So. What to do then if my permanent residence (PR) certificate is lost?


Please note that unfortunately the certificate of your permanent residence cannot be re-issued. Continue reading


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New forms for the Naturalization process

Important news for people intending to convert their residency status and obtain South African Citizenship, even more so for persons in the midst of this process.

Understandably the South African government does not issue the valued citizenship of the beautiful most Southern country on the African continent lightly.


photo credit: ALAMY

We have long been aware of the fact that the process to obtain either permanent residence or even South African citizenship is rather time consuming.

About 8 months is the communicated processing time, our experience however is that these applications take between 1 and 2 years in practise.

Let alone the time it takes to prepare the complete application, as original documents are requested. Continue reading

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