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Permanent Residence based on Critical Skills: Section 27 (b)

A Critical Skills Visa (CSV) can be applied for if the applicant is in possession of a critical skill in accordance with the Department of Home Affairs Government Gazette, 3 June 2014 that states the “skills or qualifications determined to be critical for the Republic of South Africa in relation to an application for Critical Skills Visa or Permanent Residence permit.”

One of the most important requirements of the Permanent Residence based on Critical Skills is the certificate received from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The applicant will submit their highest qualification for evaluation with SAQA, and SAQA will then confirm the skills and/or qualifications of the applicant. Continue reading

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Permanent Residence in SA – latest developments

Permanent Residence in SA – latest developments

Currently we are experiencing inconsistencies in the processing of Permanent Residence (PR) applications. In a recent article in our blog and newsletter, we shared the information gazetted by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), that over 4.600 old applications might be lost.

This refers to PR applications submitted prior to the introduction of VFS in June 2014, a private company now handling the submission and collection of applications on behalf of DHA, as well as their safe transport to DHA Pretoria.

IBN can proudly confirm, that we have no applications left outstanding on this list, which were still submitted directly to DHA. We have checked the entire list for familiar names. Found a few, but those clients have all long had their PR’s issued. So we don’t know what happened to the remaining old applicants, but believe that many have either been solved or moved on.

However all is still not good with DHA. A new backlog is currently created, as we have indeed PR applications outstanding since December 2014. Those have of course been submitted via VFS and can be tracked. All VFS confirms though is that they were handed to DHA typically a day or two after submission.

No further updates are available. We are currently pressuring DHA to process these long overdue applications, as common practice expects DHA to make decisions within 8 month. Continue reading

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Permanent residence in South Africa

Permanent residence in South Africa can be applied for in the following categories:

  • Business
  • Retirement
  • Financial independence
  • Five years of continuous employment in the Republic
  • Spouse/child/parent/first step of kinship of a South African citizen or permanent resident

SA_flaggeChpapesch1The conditions for an application for permanent residence based on business and retirement are as outlined above for temporary residence. However, in the case of retirement one must provide proof of a guaranteed monthly income of at least ZAR 37,000 for the whole period the applicant wishes to spend in South Africa, i.e. in this case indefinitely.

Continue reading

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FAQ: How to apply for a South African ID Book

3G0A10229SmallSouth African ID Books are issued to South African citizens and Permanent Resident holders from the age of 16 years and onwards. If you are working for the South African government or one of its statutory bodies outside the Republic of South Africa, you are also eligible to receive a South African ID Book.

ID Book Permanent ResidenceThe green bar-coded identity book can be considered as a legal proof of identification in South Africa.

All ID Book applications are done at the respective Departments of Home Affairs or South African Missions or Consulates abroad.

The applications are then sent to the Department of Home Affairs head office in Pretoria where applications are processed and ID Books are generated.

If you are applying for a South African ID Book for the first time, this step by step process is worth a read. Continue reading


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