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FAQ: I’ve lost my original VFS receipt, what now?

FAQ: I’ve lost my original VFS receipt, what now?

If you have lost your original VFS application receipt, do not despair, you are still able to collect the outcome of your visa application at the VFS Facilitation Centre by following these easy steps:

Step 1:

Log on to your VFS online profile and obtain your application reference number. If you are using an Immigration Company, like IBN Consulting, one of our trusted consultants are able to obtain the reference number for you.

Step 2:

Head to your nearest Police Station and sign an affidavit stating that you have lost your original VFS application receipt. Please include your full name (as written o Continue reading

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FAQ: What happens if you overstay in South Africa?

For our FAQ series we want to tell you what will happen if you ignore the time of your visa and overstay in South Africa.

frequentlyaskedquestionsWhat happens if you overstay in South Africa and your permit is already expired?

When you stay longer than your visa allows you, there comes along some consequences for you.

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FAQ: Delays with Appeal Applications at Home Affairs – What to do?

Lately we receiving a lot of calls and requests about appeal application delays. Questions, when will applicants receive an outcome for an appeal application from Home Affairs are very common.

frequentlyaskedquestionsPeople’s life is affected in every travel situation, if it is just for holiday or even a funeral of a family member outside South Africa.

If you cannot produce a current valid visa, you will not be allowed back into South Africa for up to 5 years..

Nobody is able to build up a proper life in South Africa like this.

We understand your frustration about the delays and therefor we wanted to share with you a little insight on the current appeal department situation:

So. Why does it take so long to get a result back from your appeal application? Continue reading


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FAQ: How to follow up on your visa application?

Since our last FAQ: I need to follow up on my visa application, is there an easier way other than visiting Home Affairs office? we thought we would like to give you an update on this topic as well.

What do I have to do and how can I follow up on my Visa application?

frequentlyaskedquestionsYou still need to hand in your application documents at the VFS office in person, as you have to sign documents and get fingerprints taken.

As a confirmation you will receive an email that you have submitted your application from VFS, including your designated reference number.

If you would like to follow-up on your application you can either phone the VFS offices or what we would advise: Continue reading


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