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Permanent residence in South Africa

Permanent residence in South Africa can be applied for in the following categories:

  • Business
  • Retirement
  • Financial independence
  • Five years of continuous employment in the Republic
  • Spouse/child/parent/first step of kinship of a South African citizen or permanent resident

SA_flaggeChpapesch1The conditions for an application for permanent residence based on business and retirement are as outlined above for temporary residence. However, in the case of retirement one must provide proof of a guaranteed monthly income of at least ZAR 37,000 for the whole period the applicant wishes to spend in South Africa, i.e. in this case indefinitely.

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FAQ: How to apply for a South African ID Book

3G0A10229SmallSouth African ID Books are issued to South African citizens and Permanent Resident holders from the age of 16 years and onwards. If you are working for the South African government or one of its statutory bodies outside the Republic of South Africa, you are also eligible to receive a South African ID Book.

ID Book Permanent ResidenceThe green bar-coded identity book can be considered as a legal proof of identification in South Africa.

All ID Book applications are done at the respective Departments of Home Affairs or South African Missions or Consulates abroad.

The applications are then sent to the Department of Home Affairs head office in Pretoria where applications are processed and ID Books are generated.

If you are applying for a South African ID Book for the first time, this step by step process is worth a read. Continue reading


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Senior government officials ignored court order until jail threat

When Dr Yingwen Zhang applied for a new passport, he had to suffer from senior government officials who simply ignored the constitution and the laws of South Africa.court case

Zhang is employed as a post-doctoral fellow at the CSIR National Laser Centre in Pretoria. He urgently needs his passport for a lot of important international business appointments like major international conferences.

Home Affairs refused the application for a new passport with the justification that Zhang was „under investigation“ for the past 12 years. Even if Zhang was born in China, he came to South Africa more than 20 years ago and is now a South-African citizen. Continue reading

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FAQ: What to do if my PR certificate is lost?

Currently we are getting many requests about what to do when the certificate of your permanent residence is lost. Therefore we add this question to our FAQ series.


So. What to do then if my permanent residence (PR) certificate is lost?


Please note that unfortunately the certificate of your permanent residence cannot be re-issued. Continue reading


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