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What is a South African Passport worth?

What is a South African Passport worth?

South Africa seems to have abounded the global standards of carrying a passport. And internationally it is not regarded as safe. Whereas other countries constantly improve the security features of its passports, SA seems to have given up completely.

The entire drama started in July 2009, when suddenly the United Kingdom required South Africans to apply for visas, mostly as a result of terrorism fears. Most importantly, that terrorists could obtain passports which allow them to travel into Europe.

And there are 2 elements to it, the passport itself as well as the control over its production system. Apparently many blank passports simply disappeared at the government printers.

Things have since improved, but not yet to the extend that South Africans can travel without having to apply for a visa in order to enter the UK and Europe. Effectively a visa is another (upfront) passport verification process.

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Turnaround time for Adjudication of Permanent Residence under Critical Skills Section

SA_flaggeChpapesch1As per the new immigration law that was issued on 26 May 2014 it was stated that the turnaround time for Permanent Residence Applications would take approximately:

8 – 12 months.

This processing time is not necessarily being adhered too and currently having the applicants easily wait up to 2 years for their Permanent Residence application to be finalized regardless of the outcome.

What should happen?

Permanent Residence applications as stated should take 8 – 12 months however over the past 2 years Permanent Residence applications that have been submitted are being issued much slower than the expected time frame.

These applications now in practice have easily been taking 18 – 24 months regardless of the outcome. Continue reading

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Travelling with your RSA Permanent Residence certificate

Travelling with your RSA Permanent Residence certificate

As we all know it has unfortunately become more stringent to travel in and out of South Africa.

What does this mean for you?

If you have been issued with permanent residence under the new immigration law you must travel with their original permanent residence certificate.

Those who already have a permanent residence permit that was issued with a stamp in their passports, have to travel with their original permanent residence certificate at all times.

Please note: Certified copies will not be accepted at the border control. Continue reading


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Top 5 long term visas for South Africa

south-africa-643456_640 (1)If you want to stay for more than 6 months in South Africa, there are different visa options between which you can choose.

With this post we want to provide to you a short overview about certain visa options for South Africa.

Please note:

For further details to the specific visa permits, please click on the visa numbers as we linked them to the respective articles with the relevant full visa information:

1.) Business Visa

For foreign investors who want to start a business or invest in an existing business, the South African government provides the business visa. This kind of visa is valid for up to 3 years.

If you want to work, click HERE to find out more about the different types of work visa options.

2.) Study Visa

Foreign students, which want to study in South Africa, may apply for a study visa. This will allow foreign students to stay in South Africa for the duration of the registered course of the applicant. Continue reading

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