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Top 10 things to know about permits in Botswana

Top 10 things to know about permits in Botswana

For living and working in Botswana one has to apply for a visa or permit first. First things first. Here are the most important things –

hence our Top 10 list –

that have to be considered when you need to have a visa or permit in Botswana:

  1. Permits in Botswana are issued by the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs
  2. When obtaining a long term permit one needs to apply for a residence permit as well
  3. Medical certificates and radiological reports are considered as one document and are only valid for 14 days


    picture source: zinews24.com

  4. Visitor visas allow you to have to visit Botswana on a multiple entry basis but can only be renewed for the remainder of your 90 day stay Continue reading

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