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Intra Company Transfer Visa (ICT) for South Africa

If you wish to work in South Africa as a foreigner, this is possible due to the several work visas available that one can apply for to work and reside in South Africa.

The Intra Company Transfer Work Visa (ICT) is the ideal visa for companies with multiple branches all across the globe.

An ICT visa allows an employee from the company abroad to be transferred to the affiliate company in South Africa.

The ICT visa can be granted for up to and not exceeding four (4) years. This visa is non-renewable if you are granted with the full four (4) years but should the applicant apply for less than four (4) years initially, the ICT can be renewed until it reaches the four (4) years limit.

Main Ojective of an Intra Company Transfer Work Visa (ICT)

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Different types of Work visas for South Africa

Persons wishing to take up employment in South Africa can apply for a work visa in one of the following categories.


Intra-company transfer work visa

allows an employee to be transferred from an overseas branch to a South African branch for a period not exceeding 4 years. The application process for this type of permit is a straightforward one, which makes it relatively easy to obtain the permit. However, an intra-company permit cannot be renewed and is therefore only applicable for those requiring 4 years or less for work abroad. Applicants who are on a current ICT issued under the old law can apply for a new ICT, but submit this application overseas. It will then be issued for 4 years. Directive 19 of 2014 has clarified this. Continue reading

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