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New Immigration Regulations

After years of threatening Home Affairs has now finally made the step of publishing new Immigration Regulations. Due to the lack of those the Immigration Amendment Bill of 2011 has not come into force.

This means that in all likelihood South Africa will, from the 1st of April 2014 onwards, have a new immigration legislation. However, the Regulations are currently open for public comment and due to this some adjustments might still occur.

As expected the new Act and its regulations mirror the attempt to exercise greater control over the “who” and “how” of immigration due to abuse in former years.

Everything will find its balance and of course immigration and foreign direct investment in general is still wanted and embraced.

However, the new Act and its regulations will at the very least cause major uncertainties and also some changes in the coming months.

IBN will have the continued right to legally represent foreigners in South Africa. Continue reading

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