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Something to think about…if you are a business owner

Do you own a business? Do you have partners in the business? Did you have to borrow capital to start the business or do you have a loan account? Is there an individual in your business that might fall under the category of a key person?

These are all questions you have to ask yourself and if your answer to any one of these is “yes”, then there are a few factors you have to consider in order to ensure that you are covered sufficiently and that the process will run smoothly if the unthinkable happens.

  • If you are in business with one or more partners, it is imperative that you have a buy-and-sell agreement in place. This agreement will ensure that if you or any of your partners pass away or become disabled there are funds available to buy their share in the company. This will guarantee that no unwanted individual can become part of your business due to the fact that they inherited shares in the company.
  • Do you have cover in place for your loan account of borrowed capital? There are products available to ensure that loan accounts and borrowed capital are covered. The composition of this cover will be best determined by your financial advisor. Continue reading

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The case for Independent Foreign Exchange Providers

Banks are not the only option for foreign exchange and international remittance. Most consumers don’t know this. It makes the illuminal impression that Banks hold a facade monopoly position in the Foreign exchange and remittance markets, whereby they continue to offer sub-standard service at exorbitant prices to an unknowing public. Very often you have to pay high exchange and transfer fees.

According to Sable FX, an independent Foreign exchange and Remittance provider, it is estimated that 300 million per year is lost to these monopolies. The anomaly would occur because a huge number of consumers of Foreign exchange and remittance services would not aware that there are better options in the market. Continue reading

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Minimising Risk through Short Term Insurance

Prevention is better than cure, means in insurance-cases, that mostly you are thinking about an insurance when it’s too late. The insurance was developed, due to the fact, that every individual has riks in his everyday life. Insurance was therefore put in place to minimise this risk.
The first step in minimising risk is to do at certain items in Short Term Insurances. This process allows you to identify where you as individual or even your family have the greatest risks. After identifying the risk, the next step will be closing an insurance to minimise the risk. Continue reading

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