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How to draw up a correct CV

So you have decided its time to make that move, its time to start looking for a new career.
You get out your CV and its a shock to the system. You have not updated your CV for the last 5 years – where do you start, what do you add, how do you add and where.imgres

The first step is to put down your personal details…We don’t need to know your religion or what your children’s names and ages are.
Stick to your general basic info and please add a contact number that works….

Name, Surname, ID, Drivers licence, location and languages are the more important ones

Your education  – High School and Tertiary comes next.
Please don’t add all the subjects you had during your 4/5… years of studies and what grade you got for all of them.
Stick to you degree/diploma or certificate, the year you got it and with what institution.
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