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FAQ: How to apply for a South African ID Book

3G0A10229SmallSouth African ID Books are issued to South African citizens and Permanent Resident holders from the age of 16 years and onwards. If you are working for the South African government or one of its statutory bodies outside the Republic of South Africa, you are also eligible to receive a South African ID Book.

ID Book Permanent ResidenceThe green bar-coded identity book can be considered as a legal proof of identification in South Africa.

All ID Book applications are done at the respective Departments of Home Affairs or South African Missions or Consulates abroad.

The applications are then sent to the Department of Home Affairs head office in Pretoria where applications are processed and ID Books are generated.

If you are applying for a South African ID Book for the first time, this step by step process is worth a read. Continue reading


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NEWS: Children travelling into South Africa need their birth certificates translated into English!

According to the latest announcement of the Department of Home Affairs Spokesperson, Mayihlome Tshwete, birth certificates required by South Africa’s immigration regulations need to be translated into English, so South Africa’s customs officials could read them.SA_flaggeChpapesch1

Due to the current directive which is from 01 June 2015 effective, an unabridged birth certificate – or equivalent, from their country of origin, which must indicate the names of the child´s parents, is required when children travel to, from and through South Africa. Continue reading

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Public Notice for Quota Work Permit Holders

This information is for everyone who has been issued with a Quota Work Permit and who has to submit an annual confirmation as condition of their permit. For your convenience and perusal take a look at the following recommendations below:

Previously, the Department of Home Affairs was responsible for collecting the documents, p.e. the annual confirmations, which has been changed due to the new Immigration Act. The merge of Quota Work Permit and Exceptional Skills Permit to the Critical Skills Visa lead to the following problem. VFS, which will from now on deal with all kind of immigration applications, didn’t carry over any processes concerning Quota Work Permits, which is quite confusing for people holding such a permit as they don’t know where to submit the required documents. Continue reading


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Reconsideration of the Department of Home Affairs regarding immigration laws

The new immigration laws implemented on 26 May 2014 brought a lot of changes which have slowly been adapted by the responsible authorities. In general, most of the new immigration laws brought confusion, panic and misunderstandings with it.

The latest two cases on this subject are of two foreign nationals being separated from their South African spouses. Louise Egedal-Johnson and David Henderson were declared undesirable in May after leaving South Africa on expired permits. Both of them were waiting very long for the Department of Home Affairs to finalize their visa applications. Brent Johnson and Cherene Delorie, the South African spouses of these foreign nationals, took the department of home affairs to court branding this incident as unconstitutional. Continue reading

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