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Charles says: when and how can I hire a temporary replacement vehicle (car hire)?

Vehicle accidents are an everyday occurrence and has become such a part of life. Thus in the event of an accident, where it is your own fault, provided you have paid a premium for a temporary replacement vehicle, you are able to hire a temporary replacement vehicle and where it is not your own fault, you are able to claim the cost of hiring a temporary replacement vehicle from the guilty party or their insurer, this of course with the help of your broker and insurance company.


picture source: www.destination360.com

Now, the insurers does not want us all to know this, as in many instances the insurer of the guilty party stays numb on the cost of hiring a temporary replacement vehicle. This is regarded as consequential loss. With little proof of your reasonable need for a replacement vehicle, speak to your broker or insurer to add this in the recovery of the insurer and your cost.

Why? Why make use of a temporary replacement vehicle or a hired vehicle? Statistics are showing that because our vehicles are becoming more advanced and the parts becoming less regularly available, it just take longer for a vehicle to be repaired. Continue reading

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