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South African tourism affected by strict birth certificate regulations

According to two surveys published by Travelstart, South African families traveling overseas are often still being turned away due to the strict birth certificate regulations set up by Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba in 2015.

The surveys compiled data collected from over 500 travellers, a number of travel agents, travel consultants and airline representatives.

It contained questions regarding how they are being affected by the legislation.

The legislation requires all travellers who are traveling with minors to produce an unabridged birth certificate for the minor, as well as a letter of parental consent if the child is not traveling with both parents, when arriving or departing in South Africa. Continue reading

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NEWS: Children travelling into South Africa need their birth certificates translated into English!

According to the latest announcement of the Department of Home Affairs Spokesperson, Mayihlome Tshwete, birth certificates required by South Africa’s immigration regulations need to be translated into English, so South Africa’s customs officials could read them.SA_flaggeChpapesch1

Due to the current directive which is from 01 June 2015 effective, an unabridged birth certificate – or equivalent, from their country of origin, which must indicate the names of the child´s parents, is required when children travel to, from and through South Africa. Continue reading

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Department of Home Affairs informs about Unabridged Birth Certificates

The practice of issuing abridged birth certificates will end at 03 March 2013. From 04 March 2013 the Department of Home Affairs will only issue unabridged birth certificates to parents of newborn babies.

The amendment bases on the South African Citizenship Amendment Act 2010, which is the peak of the review of Birth and Death Act 1992 and Citizenship Act 1995.

The endeavour of the Department of Home Affairs is to issue secure, credible and accurate birth certificates and ID documents to all the people. Besides the Department of Home Affairs strives for a paperless department.

The current abridged birth certificate suffers from different failures. It was easy to reproduce illegally, it contains only the name and ID number of the newborn baby and the mother and it takes about 6-8 weeks to produce. Continue reading

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