Frequently Asked Questions

frequentlyaskedquestionsAs we are getting a lot of recurring questions from our clients, we have decided to create a new “Frequently Asked Question”-FAQ-series for you, to give you a little guideline through your immigration queries.

Therefor, we have compiled a list for you with all our published “FAQ articles” here. Just CLICK on the relevant question you have and you will be forwarded to the article:

1.) How to renew your permit?

2.) What to do if my Permanent Residence Certificate is lost?

3.) Repatriation fee – can you still claim it back?

4.) How to follow up on your visa application?

5.) Delays on appeal application at Home Affairs – What to do?

6.) Travelling with children in and out South Africa? What do I have to know?

7.) What happens if you overstay in South Africa?

8.) How to apply for a South African ID Book?

9.) How to apply for a South African passport?

10.) What to do if you lost your original VFS receipt?

11.) What do you have to do for a Visa Transfer?

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