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Home Affairs rids itself from Immigration representatives

For some immigration representatives, April 3rd started as a normal day while waiting for the Department of Home Affairs Cape Town to open its’ doors in order to do their daily permit application submissions. This day turned out to be one of their more difficult days as they were advised they could not do their jobs or even enter the building, for that matter.

Most immigration practitioners, attorneys and lawyers make use of representatives to submit and follow up on permit applications on behalf of them. These representatives were denied access to the building as Home Affairs in Cape Town and other branches apparently received a directive from Pretoria. This directive explained that ONLY practitioners, attorneys and lawyers, who holds power of attorney on applications are allowed to submit such applications OR the applicant self. This certainly caused a massive inconvenience to everybody in this industry. Continue reading

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The worth of Recruiters…

“An excerpt by Paul Hawkinson from The Fordyce Letter”

“When I need a heart by-pass, rest assured that I won’t select my surgeon on the basis of what he charges.” That’s what an ailing executive recently opined when he was informed by his doctor about his arterial blockage problems. Why then are corporate executives so tightfisted when dealing with what is so commonly thought of as the “heartbeat” of their companies . . . top-talent?Companies think very little about paying the often excessive fees charged by their outside accounting and legal firms . . . or even to the gaggle of consultants who promise cost-cutting and streamlining miracles in other areas of operations. Yet, when faced with brain drains, talent deficiencies or the need to replace an employee with a better one, their thoughts too often turn to parsimony. This K-Mart mentality belies and contradicts their stated objectives to “hire the best,” especially at pecking order levels below the “big picture” executive suite inhabitants. Of course recruiting fees can vary from firm to firm but, when they do, you will almost always find that those on the low side are sure to exclude some very key ingredients of the process, all of which are vital to providing the indispensable services necessary to satisfy the needs of the employer.”

So why are recruiters worth what they charge? Just a few of the often unspoken reasons are: Continue reading

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Something to think about…if you are a business owner

Do you own a business? Do you have partners in the business? Did you have to borrow capital to start the business or do you have a loan account? Is there an individual in your business that might fall under the category of a key person?

These are all questions you have to ask yourself and if your answer to any one of these is “yes”, then there are a few factors you have to consider in order to ensure that you are covered sufficiently and that the process will run smoothly if the unthinkable happens.

  • If you are in business with one or more partners, it is imperative that you have a buy-and-sell agreement in place. This agreement will ensure that if you or any of your partners pass away or become disabled there are funds available to buy their share in the company. This will guarantee that no unwanted individual can become part of your business due to the fact that they inherited shares in the company.
  • Do you have cover in place for your loan account of borrowed capital? There are products available to ensure that loan accounts and borrowed capital are covered. The composition of this cover will be best determined by your financial advisor. Continue reading

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Brief summary on Business Permits

A Business Permit may be issued to a foreign national, who intends to establish or invest in a new business in South Africa. This foreign national are also able to take over an investing business.

Temporary Residence

There are quite a few factors involved in the establishment of a business, which are the following:

1. Required Investment:

The intended investment into the book value of the business of:

a. R 2.5 million in cash;

b. a capital contribution of at least R 2.5 million;

c. at least R 2 million in cash and a capital contribution of at least R 500 000 Continue reading

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