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Where to start when writing your CV

….in this day and age your CV will in most cases, be the first impression a recruitment consultant or employer has of you, so this is something that you need to spend some time with.


What the CV Structure should look like:

• Personal Details

Start with your personal details. Full name and contact details including all useable telephone numbers. Avoid details such as religious affiliation, children’s names etc. Make sure you do include your language skills, professional memberships for ex ECSA / CFA and military service if relevant.

• Education

Then your Educational history and professional qualifications should follow, including names of institutions and dates attended. List the more relevant in beginning with your tertiary qualifications, then secondary school results Include computer skills and any other recent training / development that is relevant to the role you are applying for. Continue reading

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Start the new year with a new job?

Another year is on our hands. Will you get out of you comfort zone, put your big girl shoes on and start looking for that job you have been waiting for, or will you still be moaning about your salary, complaining about your colleagues and your boss and your boring run of the mill job this time next year?

I assume if your are reading further – the answer is a big no! jobs

There is not a better time than now! Lots of people are thinking that maybe 2014 will be The Year of the New Job. If that describes you, then you’ll want to start planning for your big exodus. But don’t start throwing your CV across the landscape before taking care of a few important details… and also – If you’re thinking about buying some spiffy new interviewing clothes, get out to the stores now before the January sales are over! Good luck, and happy job-hunting… Continue reading

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Difference between 30 days notice period and a calendar month when you resign

Ever wondered what the difference is between 30 days notice period and a calendar month is when you want to resign?

Calendar month’s notice, you would need to find out whether it’s from the 1st or the 15th of the month? Have a look what is stated in your contract.


                                                                               picture source:

The majority of the time though it will be the 1st, where, if you resign the 1st November you would need to work up until 1st of December and begin your new position on 2nd December ( all depends on what day falls over the weekend or not)

You should get your full salary for October and November and a some for days worked after that.

If it’s the 15th, you are within the calendar month if you resign this Monday, and you could start at your new job on the 16th November. In this case your employer would pay you for October and a portion of November (days worked). Continue reading

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Time is on your side

I recently had a training session on Time Management and thought I would share this:

Time is money as we all know – but how do you effectively use your time, how do you maximize your day to get done what has to get done and do not get interrupted and distracted by spam, jokes social emails and just life…

Below is very simple yet incredibly helpful table a lot of people all over the world use on how to use your time..

In recruitment we always believe – do what is closest to the money…get the interview information, call that client and confirm the interview, arrange the second interview etc – but leave the email of a salary question from a candidate that just wants to bench mark his salary for the end of the day.. Continue reading

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