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How to draw up a correct CV

So you have decided its time to make that move, its time to start looking for a new career.
You get out your CV and its a shock to the system. You have not updated your CV for the last 5 years – where do you start, what do you add, how do you add and where.imgres

The first step is to put down your personal details…We don’t need to know your religion or what your children’s names and ages are.
Stick to your general basic info and please add a contact number that works….

Name, Surname, ID, Drivers licence, location and languages are the more important ones

Your education  – High School and Tertiary comes next.
Please don’t add all the subjects you had during your 4/5… years of studies and what grade you got for all of them.
Stick to you degree/diploma or certificate, the year you got it and with what institution.
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Benefits of using a Recruitment company

Us as recruiters can get between 100 and 200 CVs per day…and this means that your in-house recruiters will also get the same…and trust me, if your time management is not good, your team/myself can be very busy but achieve nothing.

So a day in the life of a In-house Recruiter/ HR professional that does your company’s recruitment… In between all those 100 of CVs, Recruitment companies call you to get feedback, send numerous emails to find out how the interview with you and the candidate went and what the next steps will be.


Invoices needs to be handled, more emails from candidates on whether you did receive their CV or not…More calls to please explain what exactly are you looking for in the add that you just placed.

You need to get back to all those candidates that responded to your add, or the ones that are through to the next round and the ones that did not make it – and on this note – this is pretty crucial… Continue reading

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Social Media and Recruiting

We have all heard some stories or seen some posts on Facebook about girls getting fired because they went viral on how she hates her boss, or hates her company… But do we really take it seriously enough.

Before you think about posting that naked photos on Facebook, or tagging your friends getting high – having the time of your lives.Social Media

Or what about that Neck Nominations that we loved sharing on Facebook… read the stats below and think about that when you decided its time to look for a new job: these stats are taking from a survey done in 2012…so today it is most definitely a lot higher…

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How to find your dream job

Job Hunting can be very time consuming and hard work, so make sure that the time you will be spending on interviews or suits and shoes will be time spend wisely. Its not just about finding a job, its about finding yourself a career. A place where you can spend 12 – 15 hours a day, 5 days minimum a week…

my dream job

Here are 4 ways to help find a job you love and you would like to stay with for a long time:

Make a match. Get as much information as you can about your ideal job – talk to people in different positions and companies that you think would be interesting to do. Go on career pages, go for career counseling, do personality tests. The only way you can make a match are when you have all the information you need. Its a lot like dating – you only know you want to marry the guy once you know ALL the ups and downs and nitty start dating! Continue reading

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