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Charles says: are you adequately insured?

We all hear of heart-breaking stories that emerged from the recent fires. The destruction. The despair.

Veld fires are a common threat, together with fires started by faulty heaters and home appliances.

South Africa Cape Town Wildfire

(AP Photo/Adrian de Kock) (The Associated Press)

Fire risks, there is more to it than just wildfires. Continue reading

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Charles says: Travel with PSG Insure

At PSG Insure we understand that travelling should be a time of relaxation, new discovery, exotic food and lasting memories.

So when luggage goes missing or you miss that special event you paid so much for due to an unforeseen travel delay or you have a medical emergency – being far from away from home can be a rather lonely experience.


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That is why travel through PSG Insure gives you confidence knowing that if anything happens, we are ready to help.

No matter where in the world, lodging a claim is made easy, the insurer that PSG Insure use has an approach to handle claims speedily, professional and fair. Continue reading


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Charles says: when and how can I hire a temporary replacement vehicle (car hire)?

Vehicle accidents are an everyday occurrence and has become such a part of life. Thus in the event of an accident, where it is your own fault, provided you have paid a premium for a temporary replacement vehicle, you are able to hire a temporary replacement vehicle and where it is not your own fault, you are able to claim the cost of hiring a temporary replacement vehicle from the guilty party or their insurer, this of course with the help of your broker and insurance company.


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Now, the insurers does not want us all to know this, as in many instances the insurer of the guilty party stays numb on the cost of hiring a temporary replacement vehicle. This is regarded as consequential loss. With little proof of your reasonable need for a replacement vehicle, speak to your broker or insurer to add this in the recovery of the insurer and your cost.

Why? Why make use of a temporary replacement vehicle or a hired vehicle? Statistics are showing that because our vehicles are becoming more advanced and the parts becoming less regularly available, it just take longer for a vehicle to be repaired. Continue reading

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Student Policy or Voluntary Investment /Unit Trusts?

When saving for your children studies, do you go the Student Policy route or the Voluntary Investment (Unit Trusts) route?

A Voluntary Investment offers you more flexibility and the costs involved are a lot lower and more transparent. This investment also allows more liquidity than a Student Policy.

Student policies are an Endowment Policy with fixed terms, fixed cost structure and a fixed contribution pattern. If there is any change in the contribution of the investment or you want the suspend your contributions for a while, a penalty fee will be applicable. This will be subtracted from the current fund value.

The benefit of this policy, lies in the fact that you can add risk cover to it. For example, if the premium payer becomes disable or passes away the life insurance company will pay the rest of the premiums until the policy come to term. This means a portion of the premium will be used for the risk cover and the remainder will be invested. Continue reading

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