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4616 lost applications for Permanent Residence at the Department of Home Affairs of South Africa

The South African Department of Home Affairs recently had to admit that it has lost 4,616 applications and published a list of affected applicants online. All mentioned applicants have to re-apply and submit new applications per email to the Department of Home Affairs.

The Department received permanent residence applications prior to 02 June 2014 utilising the Track and Trace system .

The Department has now published a notification in its website that it has noted that it does not have 4616 applications on hand as per Track and Trace system.

The Department of Home Affairs could not clarify the reasons for the loss of these applications.

To solve this issue, Mr Mkuseli Apleni, the Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs, under the powers vested in him under Sections 26 and 27 of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act no. 13 of 2002) as amended, published a list in the National Government Gazette. Continue reading

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What is a South African Passport worth?

What is a South African Passport worth?

South Africa seems to have abounded the global standards of carrying a passport. And internationally it is not regarded as safe. Whereas other countries constantly improve the security features of its passports, SA seems to have given up completely.

The entire drama started in July 2009, when suddenly the United Kingdom required South Africans to apply for visas, mostly as a result of terrorism fears. Most importantly, that terrorists could obtain passports which allow them to travel into Europe.

And there are 2 elements to it, the passport itself as well as the control over its production system. Apparently many blank passports simply disappeared at the government printers.

Things have since improved, but not yet to the extend that South Africans can travel without having to apply for a visa in order to enter the UK and Europe. Effectively a visa is another (upfront) passport verification process.

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Private Institutions in registration with the Department of Education

Private Institutions in registration with the Department of Education

The Department of Home Affairs recently published significant changes in immigration law under the headline:

“Application for study visas for students studying at private institutions of learning in the process of being registered with the relevant Department of Education”.


From now on, also some language schools are registered with the Department of Education, which means that their students are eligible for a general South African study visa.

Private Institutions which have so far not been registered with the relevant Department of Higher Education (DHET), were not covered under the above definition of Learning Institutes.

This has now changed:

After consultation with the Director-General of Department of Higher Education (DHET), the Minster of Home Affairs, Mr. Malusi Gigaba has approved the granting of study visas to a category of students registered at certain institutions which are currently undergoing a registration process with the DHET. Continue reading

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The Employment of foreigners in South Africa

The Immigration Act 13 of 2002 is responsible for regulating foreign employment in the Republic of South Africa.

This act lays out the rules and regulations for admission of foreigners into South Africa, their residence in South Africa and their departure from South Africa as well as the ability for foreigners to work within the Republic.

The Immigration Regulations were improved in May 2014 which brought many changes in relation to work visas.

The employment of foreigners is also regulated by The Employment Services Act 4 of 2014 of which came into effect in August 2015 and was introduced to promote employment while simultaneously decreasing the unemployment rates within the Republic.

The Employment Services Act aims to support the employment of foreigners which is consistent with the provisions set out in the Immigration Act.

The Labour Court has jurisdiction to preside over any issues relating to the employment of foreigners and also implements to sanctions for non-compliance as set out in the Immigration Act. Continue reading


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