Top 10 simple issues to be resolved by DHA overnight

Top 10 simple issues to be resolved by DHA overnight

Some times life can be simple.

Or a government authority can make life of others simple.

Here are a few suggestions, how the South African Department of Home Affairs could practically over night, with some quick decisions and mostly based on existing capacity and infrastructure, make the life of foreigners in SA much easier:

  1. 90 plus 90 days should be guaranteed so people can plan and book. Inform also the airlines that 180 day return ticket is legal.
  2. Issue Permanent Residence (PR) stickers back into passports. Add ID numbers where available. Requirement to travel with original PR certificates and paper ID books is just ridiculous.
  3. Issue smart ID’s for non-citizens who are PR, giving them old style paper ID book makes no sense.
  4. Allow all Temporary Residence (TR) and Permanent Residence (PR) submission with valid visas at VFS South Africa, even on 30 or 90 day visitor visa or Intra-Company Transfer Visa (ICT’s). If applicants are in the country already, it makes no economical sense not to do so and to send them back to their home countries. There is zero cost to the SA tax payer, if VFS is used and enormous cost at the missions abroad. Of course all applicants must keep their TR’s valid or leave SA before expiry.
  5. Put PR applications submitted at South African missions onto VFS track & trace
  6. Allow submissions for spouses from within SA
  7. Acknowledge IP’s and attorneys as a positive contribution to efficiency of our constitution and just causes so much hardship.
  8. Recognize ICT as a valuable contribution to the working world and allow them to continue to stay in SA if they wish to do so and qualify
  9. Foreign Interns are best thing that can happen for SA. Cultural exchange and economic contribution. Don’t try to govern and limit it. It works by itself.
  10. Language schools are good for SA. Full stop. Let them prosper.

How nice would it be if these points could be addressed by Home Affairs by simple directives to all missions and to VFS Global? No law would need to be changed, just the interpretation and the implementation of the current Immigration Act.

by Dirk Meissner

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