Critical Skills Work Visa for South Africa

A Critical Skills Work Visa (CSV) can be applied for if the applicant is in possession of a critical skill in accordance with the Department of Home Affairs Government Gazette, 3 June 2014 that states:

“skills or qualifications determined to be critical for the Republic of South Africa in relation to an application for Critical Skills Visa or Permanent Residence permit.”

One of the most important requirements of the Critical Skills Work Visa is the certificate received from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

The applicant will submit their highest qualification for evaluation with SAQA, and SAQA will then confirm the skills and/or qualifications of the applicant.

In addition to SAQA, the applicant will then be required to apply for membership to a South African professional body appropriate for their skills and qualifications.

A professional body being a trade corporate of a profession, i.e. medicine, accounting, etc, that verifies the successful completion of its requirements and would then issue the applicant with a membership certificate and confirmation of skills letter.

The Critical Skills Work Visa is issued for up to five (5) years, and can be renewed for as many times as the applicant wishes if the permanent employment contract with their company is still in effect.

by Chriselle Booysen

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