Turnaround time for Adjudication of Permanent Residence under Critical Skills Section

SA_flaggeChpapesch1As per the new immigration law that was issued on 26 May 2014 it was stated that the turnaround time for Permanent Residence Applications would take approximately:

8 – 12 months.

This processing time is not necessarily being adhered too and currently having the applicants easily wait up to 2 years for their Permanent Residence application to be finalized regardless of the outcome.

What should happen?

Permanent Residence applications as stated should take 8 – 12 months however over the past 2 years Permanent Residence applications that have been submitted are being issued much slower than the expected time frame.

These applications now in practice have easily been taking 18 – 24 months regardless of the outcome.

What is happening?

Through recent experience and as stipulated by home affairs, a Permanent Residence application under the critical skills section is issued within 3-5 months after the application was submitted with the VFS Centre.

What this means

Foreigners who qualify for Permanent Residency under the critical skills category could expect an outcome in less than 8 months.

Please note that the adjudication of all applications is at the discretion of the department of home affairs and the time frames may differ from time to time.

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by Nicolaas Rabe


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