How to obtain your South African Police Clearance Certificate?

How to obtain your South African Police Clearance Certificate?

The first step to obtaining your SA police clearance certificate is to visit your nearest SA Police Station and let an official know that you wish to apply for your SA Police Clearance Certificate.

The official will then guide you to the relevant department within the South African Police Station (SAPS).

You will be required to complete a short application form, as well as pay a fee of currently ZAR 96.00, payable in cash only, and the exact amount only. police-1243792-639x935

Thereafter the official will take your fingerprints and issue you with a proof of payment as well as your completed SA PCC application.

You then have the option of having it sent via SA Post Office, or doing it yourself via courier. We would advise you to always use the courier option, as it is a much quicker delivery method, and you do not run the risk of your application being lost in the mail.

Just to make sure that your courier service will deliver it to the SA Criminal Records Centre in Pretoria. Should there be any confusion, their address is:

271 Francis Baard Str
Bothongo Plaza West Building
1st Floor, Room 14
Client Service Centre
Once you have submitted your application, it is possible to track your SA Police Clearance application by visiting the SAPS website, by calling the SA Criminal Records Centre on 021 393 3928, emailing, or by calling your courier service directly.
We have also an information sheet about the process of obtaining your South African Police Clearance which you can find HERE.
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