South Africans will be able to apply for their passports in a bank

South Africans will be able to apply for their passports in a bank

The Department of Home Affairs spokesperson Mahyilome Tshwete announced that it will be possible for South Africans to apply for their smartcard ID at certain banks in order to fasten the roll-out. This smartcard ID is to replace the old green ID book which will remain valid.

In order to provide this service, Home Affairs will set up special counters in the bank branches. The application itself will be done online so that no paper application forms will be needed anymore.

After the applicant, who has to be customer of the bank, goes to the special counter in the branch and continues the application there.


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The banks provide the devices which make it possible to take the biometrical photos and fingerprints needed for the new smart ID.

After a few days the applicant shall receive a SMS from DHA to notify that the card is ready and he/she can go back to the bank to collect the new ID.

However, the application process shall stay the same as if applying at the DHA, therefore also meeting the same requirements.

So far Standard Bank and FNB have started their pilots and Nedbank will join soon. Also ABSA is probably about to join as negotiations are going well so far and also the post offices are named.

Nedbank announced that it will start its pilots in the middle of November and test the procedure with its own staff first before they will make the service available for costumers.

This is also what Home Affairs stated that they want to open the service to the public no earlier as they are convinced that everything is working well, as not only efficiency but also security in the process is of outstanding importance.

It is planned that the public can benefit from this service from early 2016, although it will only be the 16 years old and pensioners older than 60 years able to apply at first.

The new Smart ID will cost the same as the old ID book with a price of R140 while the first one will be available for free

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