Foreign students are allowed to stay longer in South Africa for their exams

Foreign students are allowed to stay longer in South Africa for their exams

Good news for foreign students in South Africa. The Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba recently announced that there are going to be made exceptions concerning the expiration of study visas.

Due to the students’ protests in the last few weeks – which succeeded to prevent an announced raising of study fees- the universities decided to postpone their examination.

picture: Martin Rhodes

picture: Martin Rhodes

This certainly made some of the foreign students feel uncomfortable.

However, they can concentrate on their studies now after Gigaba announced that:

students whose visa expired on the end of October or were about to expire in November 2015, will not be declared undesirable but are allowed to stay in South Africa until 31 December 2015.

Therefore the students will be allowed to take part in their exams without having to fear any legal consequences.

This decision was reached as the Minister got in contact with the International Eucation Association of South Africa (IEASA).

To ensure the waiver will only be granted to bonafide students, IEASA is working together with the universities at the moment to set together a list with those who comply with the requirements.

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