FAQ: Delays with Appeal Applications at Home Affairs – What to do?

Lately we receiving a lot of calls and requests about appeal application delays. Questions, when will applicants receive an outcome for an appeal application from Home Affairs are very common.

frequentlyaskedquestionsPeople’s life is affected in every travel situation, if it is just for holiday or even a funeral of a family member outside South Africa.

If you cannot produce a current valid visa, you will not be allowed back into South Africa for up to 5 years..

Nobody is able to build up a proper life in South Africa like this.

We understand your frustration about the delays and therefor we wanted to share with you a little insight on the current appeal department situation:

So. Why does it take so long to get a result back from your appeal application?

The process for the appeal application has taken a long time. People are waiting more than a year for an outcome. The main issue is unfortunately that the department for all appeal applications has been basically a ship without a captain during the past years.

So, they missed out on a lot of work. To cope with the work load, they hired a new manager to bring everything back on track. According to an official at Home Affairs there should be more capacity before the end of April.

In between this time gap you have unfortunately no other possibility than to wait for your outcome. So there is no doubt that your patience is going to be proofed. Unfortunately there are not many options left.

The number of requests we can submit is also limited. But we are happy to assist you with new applications and consult you to find the best designated solution in your specific case.

Moreover we can help you with your documents and advice you in being aware of common application pitfalls.

If you should have any further questions or need our advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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2 Responses to FAQ: Delays with Appeal Applications at Home Affairs – What to do?

  1. David Wilmington

    Thank you for this little bit of insight into why my application is taking a long time. When I e-mail them with all my information to try get a decision I do not get very much information.
    My appeal for General work permit has taken over two years now without any explanation.
    Is there any recommendations or advise as to what further action I should take?
    If there is still nothing in a couple months I plan on leaving the country and starting the process all over. I understand however that even leaving and coming back into the country will now pose a real problem.

    Any advise on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

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