Charles says: are you adequately insured?

We all hear of heart-breaking stories that emerged from the recent fires. The destruction. The despair.

Veld fires are a common threat, together with fires started by faulty heaters and home appliances.

South Africa Cape Town Wildfire

(AP Photo/Adrian de Kock) (The Associated Press)

Fire risks, there is more to it than just wildfires.

There may be more damage than you think, so we need to be aware of and ensure that we are property insured for all fire related risks.

Remember fire damage is not just damage by flames, there is smoke damage, heat damage, water damage, chemicals used to stop the fires or put out the fires, damage by emergency vehicles, loss of income.

There are many aspects to consider, and now might be a good time to check your policies carefully.

We can help you to make sure that you are fully covered, to protect your home and belongings as best you can.

Please do not hesitate and contact us HERE.

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