FAQ: How to renew your permit?

As we are getting a lot of recurring questions from our clients, we have decided to create a new “Frequently Asked Question”-FAQ-series for you, to give you a little guideline through your immigration queries.


We put therefor the most frequently asked questions together to give you an overview. We hope we can help you with this a little more with your current immigration matters and shed a little light in some of the common visa issues.

From now on you can find our answers at our FAQ series and we will try to update it according to your questions as often as possible.

We start our FAQ-list with a guideline for people who want to renew their visa.

So. How can you renew your permit then?

First of all you should renew your visa at VFS centers 60 days before your current visa will expire because it takes up to 8 weeks to receive the outcome back from them. Therefore, you need to register online for a renewal and get an appointment.

You will get a checklist for the required documents with which you have to go to the VFS offices. There you have to hand in the documents, pay for the renewal and leave your fingerprints and take a picture. Afterwards your application is completed and you have to wait for the outcome.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

picture source: utc.edu
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