FAQ: How to follow up on your visa application?

Since our last FAQ: I need to follow up on my visa application, is there an easier way other than visiting Home Affairs office? we thought we would like to give you an update on this topic as well.

What do I have to do and how can I follow up on my Visa application?

frequentlyaskedquestionsYou still need to hand in your application documents at the VFS office in person, as you have to sign documents and get fingerprints taken.

As a confirmation you will receive an email that you have submitted your application from VFS, including your designated reference number.

If you would like to follow-up on your application you can either phone the VFS offices or what we would advise:

Check your status online on the VFS website with your reference number.

Once your application has been finalized you will receive an email from VFS that you can collect the “outcome” of your application. This can be either positive or negative.

To find out you will have to go in person to VFS offices including your application receipt and original passport. They will only provide you with your outcome on the day of the collection. 

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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4 Responses to FAQ: How to follow up on your visa application?

  1. Watson

    How long does rectification of a Pr takes?

  2. Ninouk

    How many days will I be able to collect the outcome after I received the email from VFS that the outcome is ready to ‘collect’?

    • admin

      Once you received the notification you can go and collect your outcome anytime, but please bear in mind if it takes longer then 6 months for you to “collect” you should send them an explanation letter in writing as to why you collect so late. Especially if you would like to travel. Hope this helps.

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