Charles says: Travel with PSG Insure

At PSG Insure we understand that travelling should be a time of relaxation, new discovery, exotic food and lasting memories.

So when luggage goes missing or you miss that special event you paid so much for due to an unforeseen travel delay or you have a medical emergency – being far from away from home can be a rather lonely experience.


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That is why travel through PSG Insure gives you confidence knowing that if anything happens, we are ready to help.

No matter where in the world, lodging a claim is made easy, the insurer that PSG Insure use has an approach to handle claims speedily, professional and fair.

The insurer claims handlers will help develop an action plan individual designed to your circumstances for the fast recovery while minimising interruption to your journey.

Therefor, travel happy and stress-free with PSG INSURE.

Please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.

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3 Responses to Charles says: Travel with PSG Insure

  1. Wasim

    I applied for rectification in permanent residence permit …when I went to vfs in revonia sandton to submit my application for rectification .. they took my original certificate they said I have to submit original but I was surprised I asked them if you take my original certificate so how I m going to travel …they said I have to wait for rectif permanent recidence certificate to travel , now the processing time is 8 month so can you pleasettell me how can I travel? ??
    And very interesting thing is I just checked require document for rectification application so it showing “certify copy of permanent residence permit to be rectify” now why they took original when they can do rectify with certify copy…??

  2. Wasim

    Can I apply for id while my rectification of my permanent residence permit is in process ??
    Can I travel on certified copy of permanent residence permit ??

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