Charles says: when and how can I hire a temporary replacement vehicle (car hire)?

Vehicle accidents are an everyday occurrence and has become such a part of life. Thus in the event of an accident, where it is your own fault, provided you have paid a premium for a temporary replacement vehicle, you are able to hire a temporary replacement vehicle and where it is not your own fault, you are able to claim the cost of hiring a temporary replacement vehicle from the guilty party or their insurer, this of course with the help of your broker and insurance company.


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Now, the insurers does not want us all to know this, as in many instances the insurer of the guilty party stays numb on the cost of hiring a temporary replacement vehicle. This is regarded as consequential loss. With little proof of your reasonable need for a replacement vehicle, speak to your broker or insurer to add this in the recovery of the insurer and your cost.

Why? Why make use of a temporary replacement vehicle or a hired vehicle? Statistics are showing that because our vehicles are becoming more advanced and the parts becoming less regularly available, it just take longer for a vehicle to be repaired.

Now, you can drive around with your damaged vehicle until the repairer has ordered the parts and then your vehicle can go in for repairs, but what if your vehicle is not mobile?

In the event that your vehicle is not mobile, the vehicle will be standing at the repairer while they wait on the parts ordered and then you still have to wait for the actual repairs to take place.

Ordering parts may take anything from three to five working days, bear in mind a weekend may fall in between, and then the repairs which can take another three to five working days, look at that, before you know it, you are without a vehicle for two weeks.

Upon the unfortunate instance of your vehicle leaving your possession to go into the repairer for repairs, you can enjoy the privilege of hiring a replacement vehicle.

Please ensure that you are aware of the various classes of vehicles that are to your avail as you do not want to get stuck in a small cost effective vehicle if you are use to a more luxury vehicle.

Any replacement vehicle hire, of course come with some charges (own cost), and some of them are:

  • Delivery and collection cost
  • Fines and fine handling fees
  • Claims handling fees
  • Additional driver fees
  • Document administration fees
  • Additional equipment required(automatic transmission)
  • First amount payable (excess)

Now, not all is covered when you make use of a replacement vehicle, please ensure you are aware of what is covered and what is not.

Lastly, replacement vehicle hire does not come standard on all policies and it can be an optional extra on the policy. Check any limits on the type of car, the daily rental cost and the number of days that you may utilise the facility.

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