Submitting a work visa application at the South African Embassy in Harare Zimbabwe

Important information:


Zimbabwean nationals or residence holders wishing to submit general work visa applications at the South African Embassy in Harare, please note:

  • The old application form needs to be submitted, where “part P” is completed and stamped by the potential employer.
  • All employer documents, ie. Motivational letter, undertakings, employment contract need to be in original format and stamped by the company.
  • Furthermore, if one uses a newspaper advert, it would have been expired at the time of submission (meaning more than 4 months old) to the Embassy. Therefore one has to state the case that labour takes +/- 4-5 months to be issued and the advertisement is a requirement for labour and not for the embassy. The Embassy might not want to accept the application because of this reason.
  • The Embassy will request that one must make an appointment. Therefore you will need to visit the Embassy twice, firstly to make the appointment and then secondly to submit the application.
  • The cost to submit the general work visa application is $173. The Embassy will not confirm the processing time for the visa, however it could take possibly 8 weeks.
  • If The Embassy finds fault with any documentation, they will notify you and give you the opportunity to rectify the documents. Once rectified, the 8 weeks processing time will restart again
  • The Embassy will notify the applicant once the outcome has been reached.
  • The Embassy will keep the passport for the duration of the processing time of the visa

The Embassy does not answer their telephone nor do they respond to any emails.

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any questions or need guidance.

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12 Responses to Submitting a work visa application at the South African Embassy in Harare Zimbabwe

  1. Dear reader good day

    I’m in need of assistance my work permit has expired and I’m in the country of SA with a port of entry stemp. Went to the vfs department in cape town and thy sent me to come to my country of origin and submit my papers I have including the marriage certificate and work contract along with the house bill invoices proofe that I’m staying with my wife.

    My question is as follows what documentation would you still require for me to bring fourth on the day of submission

    Mr Mpofu

  2. Hi,i need help am current a registered student at springfield fet college in SA doing Mechanical engineering and also permanantly employed at Eravin construction company as a multy skill operating Excavator,Tlb and Bulldozzer machine,am using an Asylum bt now they want permits, i went to home affairs they told me to go back in Zim and aply at SA embassy,i would lyk to know the requirements for me to have a Permit or study/work visa, thank you

  3. jimmy currently having a permanent residence permit in south africa.Now i want to apply for my family who are currently residing in zimbabwe.what are the requirements that i should take to the south african embassy in zimbabwe so that i can apply for them relative visas.thank you

  4. James

    Hi,I want to change my ZSP work permit to critical skills permit.Do i need a police clearance from South Africa or Zimbabwe?

  5. Getrude

    My husband has a permanent it possible for me to start applying for permanent residents or I start with relative visa

  6. Daniel

    Dear sir/ma’am
    I am a zimbabwean national with RSA permanent residence, i am married to an EU citizen VFS in joburg would not take her application, can we do her spousal permit application in Harare.


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