Public Notice for Quota Work Permit Holders

This information is for everyone who has been issued with a Quota Work Permit and who has to submit an annual confirmation as condition of their permit. For your convenience and perusal take a look at the following recommendations below:

Previously, the Department of Home Affairs was responsible for collecting the documents, p.e. the annual confirmations, which has been changed due to the new Immigration Act. The merge of Quota Work Permit and Exceptional Skills Permit to the Critical Skills Visa lead to the following problem. VFS, which will from now on deal with all kind of immigration applications, didn’t carry over any processes concerning Quota Work Permits, which is quite confusing for people holding such a permit as they don’t know where to submit the required documents.

To ensure a smooth transition, the Department of Home Affairs has now set-up an email address (see below) especially for Quota Permit holders, where reporting can be submitted.

After having received the required documents, the Department of Home Affairs will then issue a compliance letter to the client confirming whether the client continues to comply with the conditions of the work visa issued to them. That letter will be signed and scanned back to the applicant’s email address.

Important Notice: The Email of Home Affairs is just made for holders of Quota Work Permit who are due to report. It is only for submitting required documents in condition of their permit.


Current holders of Quota work permits are advised to submit CLEAR and READABLE copies of the following documents via the email address mentioned above:

• Valid contract of employment,

• Certified Proof of registration with relevant professional body, board or council, where required,

• Comprehensive CV,

• Testimonials,

• Certified Proof of SAQA evaluation certificate of qualifications; and

• Certified copies of pages in passport reflecting personal details and quota work permit obtained.

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14 Responses to Public Notice for Quota Work Permit Holders

  1. Johannex Tivatyi

    i have submitted my compliance application in October 2015 and up to now i have not yet received a response. is this normal or is there anything i can do to get that reply.

  2. Muteme Rosewinter

    i applied for a compliance letter in Nov 2014. I haven’t got any response. what else can i do to make sure that assistance is coming my way?

  3. Eric Appiah- kusi

    I am a holder of quota work permit but i was affected by the new visa regulation and i could not renew my permit on Noverber 2014.with new notice what i do to renew my quota work permit

  4. Frank Ohemeng Appiah

    VFS said they are not in charge of letters of compliance. Please what should I do next?

  5. David Chibedu

    Im a holder of quota permit.I emailed my documents last year but i ha
    vent recieved any responds up to now.
    can you assist me with relevant addresses where i must make a follow up.

  6. kevyn

    I also submitted my application for compliance letter on the 02 June 2015, but up to now I haven’t got any response. I submitted my application through the email provided on the website and I even got the automated reply that my app has been received. There is nowhere on the webpage were it says we need to go to VFS unless its something implemented recently can someone please clarify.

  7. Peter Mutawu

    I am confessed now because I did not get any response to a report I emailed to the given email address with regards to reporting conditions for my Quota Work permit. My major concern is that I might be deemed non compliment should I request for other services. I made the submission in October 2015. What should I do?

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