Benefits of using a Recruitment company

Us as recruiters can get between 100 and 200 CVs per day…and this means that your in-house recruiters will also get the same…and trust me, if your time management is not good, your team/myself can be very busy but achieve nothing.

So a day in the life of a In-house Recruiter/ HR professional that does your company’s recruitment… In between all those 100 of CVs, Recruitment companies call you to get feedback, send numerous emails to find out how the interview with you and the candidate went and what the next steps will be.


Invoices needs to be handled, more emails from candidates on whether you did receive their CV or not…More calls to please explain what exactly are you looking for in the add that you just placed.

You need to get back to all those candidates that responded to your add, or the ones that are through to the next round and the ones that did not make it – and on this note – this is pretty crucial…

If you interviewed someone for a specific position – PLEASE GET BACK TO THEM with some feedback! and then – Your boss calling to find out how far you are in the process.

During all this you need to still interview potential candidates….and then before you know it your day is gone and you boss is on your case on why you have not found the right person yet….what have you been doing all day?

THE solution – partner up with a recruitment company to handle all of the above.

Be at peace knowing that your inbox is clear, your time is managed and the job will get done.

We have the industry knowledge, we know how the market looks and what the going salaries are, we know what to ask, and when the truth is just a lie… you will then receive a shortlist of the top candidates for the specific position.

And all this without you lifting a finger!


In need of some recruitment help – call Mirandi now:

Stellenbosch: 021 886 8633

Cell: 083 225 0021

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