What to look out for when traveling with children in terms of the new immigration law of South Africa

South Africa’s new immigration law has added a stricter law on traveling with children. The new immigration law for South Africa is welcomed by the human rights commission in terms of the act against child trafficking passed on the 30th July 2013 by President Jacob Zuma giving South Africa for the first time, a single statute that tackles human trafficking holistically and comprehensively

What do you need to know?

Parents travelling with children would now be requested to provide an unabridged birth certificate of all traveling children according to the new South African immigration law. This applies even when both parents are travelling with their children and it also applies to foreigners and South Africans alike.

In the case of one parent traveling with a child, they would need the following:

• An unabridged birth certificate showing both parent’s details and an affidavit consenting from the absent parent that they acknowledge that the child will be traveling as well as an Id or passport copy.

• In the case of one parent being deceased a death certificate will be required

In terms of the new immigration law children traveling without there biological parents or legal guardians and being accompanied by adults need to produce the following:

• A written affidavit from both parents or legal guardian consenting the trip.

• Copies of parents or guardian identification book or passport.

• Full contact details of the parents or guardians of the child or children.

article update: The new immigration law is already in forced but the above rules will only be enforced as of 1 October 2014.

For more information on the new South African immigration laws please, contact us HERE.

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8 Responses to What to look out for when traveling with children in terms of the new immigration law of South Africa

  1. Rosemary Kietzmann

    Please clarify what the maximum age is that fits into the definition of a child as proposed by these rulings? Is it 18 years or 21 years?

    • admin

      Dear Rosemary

      Thank you for enquiry.

      The age classified as a major in South African immigration law is 18 years old.This means that persons 18 years old and above are considered adults.

      IBN Team

  2. G van Rooyen

    Please clarify what the South African authorities mean by “unabridged” certificate. Looking at the birth certificates issued to my kids, UK certificates do not contain the names of the parents. So what is the purpose of carrying a birth certificate if you are a British citizen travelling on a British passport?

  3. tumisho

    Does this rule apply to every travelling destination to Mozambique or just for those people who are moving into the country. We are just going there for 3 days so is it advisable that I have those documents as I am traveling as the only parent with 2 children.

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