Social Media and Recruiting

We have all heard some stories or seen some posts on Facebook about girls getting fired because they went viral on how she hates her boss, or hates her company… But do we really take it seriously enough.

Before you think about posting that naked photos on Facebook, or tagging your friends getting high – having the time of your lives.Social Media

Or what about that Neck Nominations that we loved sharing on Facebook… read the stats below and think about that when you decided its time to look for a new job: these stats are taking from a survey done in 2012…so today it is most definitely a lot higher…

1. 92% of companies use social media for recruiting

2. 45% of Fortune 500 firms include links to social medial on the career page sections.

3. 78% of companies used Linked Inn in 2010, 87% in 2011 and 93% in 2012

4. 66% of companies uses Facebook when they recruit

5. 54% uses Twitter when they recruit

6. 73% of companies said they hired very successfully with social media

7. 42% says candidates quality improved since using social media to recruit

8. 20% of companies says it takes less time to recruit since using social media

9. 31% saw and increase in the employee referrals

10. 65% of recruiters compensate employees for referrals

11. 3 out of 4 hiring managers or recruiters check candidates social profiles

12. 1 out of 3 reject candidates based on something they found on their social profile

13. 78% of recruiters disapprove if they see any reference to illegal drugs on social media

14. 67% react negatively on posts of a sexual nature.

15. 14.4 million in the US uses social media to search for a job

16. 29% of job seekers uses social media as their primary tool for job seeking.

And there you have the “old” facts…some new ones to come soon.

Please if you are considering posting or tagging anything on Facebook/Twitter etc – think about your future.

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