How to find your dream job

Job Hunting can be very time consuming and hard work, so make sure that the time you will be spending on interviews or suits and shoes will be time spend wisely. Its not just about finding a job, its about finding yourself a career. A place where you can spend 12 – 15 hours a day, 5 days minimum a week…

my dream job

Here are 4 ways to help find a job you love and you would like to stay with for a long time:

Make a match. Get as much information as you can about your ideal job – talk to people in different positions and companies that you think would be interesting to do. Go on career pages, go for career counseling, do personality tests. The only way you can make a match are when you have all the information you need. Its a lot like dating – you only know you want to marry the guy once you know ALL the ups and downs and nitty start dating!

Get inside information – as much as you can. Don’t just apply for the job, get the inside info. You need to find out all about the company. Go on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.. Google the company name and make sure you know that the company’s values are in line with yours and that they are not closing their doors in a couple of months. Understand their mission and vision. Are they a global company with and international footprint, do they have offices locally only. How many employees are there? Are there any growth potential?

The Interview: The interview process are a 2 way street. Always remember it takes Two to tango…just as much as the company has to like you and know you can do the job, so must you make sure that you can see yourself working there, can adapt to the company culture, that you can work under your “supervisor/manager” etc. Just as much as they need to ask you questions, so must you make sure you ask them questions – relevant, business related questions. Who is their biggest competitor, what makes them stand out over their competitors, what has been the companies growth over the last couple of years…etc

And then dig deeper into the company culture. Believe it or not – money is not the only motivator why people change jobs – company culture is a very big reason… Companies can loose big bucks should they employ the wrong person just because they where right on paper. Is the company culture a fit for you at the stage of your career where you are at the moment? Is it too casual or way to formal and corporate? How is the organization structured? Are there opportunities there for advancement? Find out what other employees say about the company. LinkedIn the online business network again here is a very good tool – go back to the company, see who works there and see their comments about their job etc. Maybe you know of someone that knows someone that might work there or worked there.

Good luck!

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