FAQ: What are the requirements for a general work permit?

As a part of our series “frequently asked immigration questions” this post deals with the requirements for a general work permit.

The general work permit is one of the most popular work permits which has been around for many years. It should actually be the last resort, if all other work permit types cannot be used.


Typically, the job position needs to be advertised in a national newspaper. Moreover, the employer needs to explain in writing why none of the respondents to the advert are suitable for the position. The employment contract with the foreign job applicant can only be signed subsequently and it needs to be double checked by the Department of Labour or a benchmarking organization to ensure that the conditions are not inferior to those of South Africans employed in similar positions.

A SAQA certificate (South Africa Qualifications Authority) is one of the core requirements including a job offer and therefor essential.

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2 Responses to FAQ: What are the requirements for a general work permit?

  1. Ben

    hi my name is Ben from Zimbabwe, i would to know how i can get a working permit here in SA, the requirements and stuff and where to apply for it.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated
    thank you

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