Home Affairs Head Office – Trip to Pretoria

On Wednesday 13 June 2012 we were finally granted an appointment with a senior adjudicator to submit copies of long overdue PR applications at Home Affairs Head Office in Pretoria. Normally the public is not allowed access to this building so that no “influence” can be taken onto the officials. However our intentions were only to submit copies of about 25 applications, which we actually feared to be lost in the system. Most of them have been pending for at least 2 years and our numerous follow ups at the regional office, with head office or the “Customer Service Centre” have brought no result so far. Home Affairs is aware of the problems and allowed us a visit.

We are not sure, how quickly these cases can be resolved now. At least we were informed that a new PR team was formed about 6 weeks ago. Before that, due to the enormous backlog of temporary residence applications, all resources were forced into the processing of TRPs. We can confirm, that indeed a large number of work, relative, business and study permits are coming through now. We received last week  permits back which were submitted in July, August and December 2011. However, as always there is no clear system apparent, no consistency. We are still awaiting for many permits. Remember by law these applications must be processed within 30 days.

Interesting enough the official I met confirmed, that every single PR will be signed off by the Director-General himself. It sounds like yet another bottleneck, yet another backlog building up.

Dirk Meissner: meissner@ibn.co.za

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371 Responses to Home Affairs Head Office – Trip to Pretoria

  1. Does it mean that even the Zimbabwean applications that were sent for adjudication have also been attended. I have been waiting for my permit since last year, until now I havent received anything.

  2. Anesu Rwodzi

    please help me i applied my work permit 11 November 2010 . i applied it in Johannesburg by the Harrison Offices. When i go and check everytime they say its dispatched so please help me. Thank you in Advance Anesu Rwodzi 0783888009

    • admin

      Dear Anesu

      When exactly was it dispatched? We would recommend that you either resubmit the application or request that new results be issued.

      Kind Regards,

  3. Tadesse dilnesaw Meshesha

    Please help I applied for a pr in 2004 and was reject because of new law and I wait until we were five years married now we are eight years we apply last year June after waiting so long to get a interview date They said it will take six months but we are still waiting

    • admin

      Hello Tadesse

      Unfortunately PR applications can take anything from 6 months to 2 years. We can only suggest to wait until you have received the results. Or follow up constantly with the office of application.
      Did you receive a reference number from Home Affairs?

      Kind Regards,

      • Tadesse dilnesaw Meshesha

        I call the call centre countless times the answers I get it’s only capture on the system but no paper work was receive i did go back to where I apply and they give me wibi number and I give them at the call centre and they said that they does not work whith wibi numbers so I don’t know what to do now how will I realy know if my application is really in head office or not please help

        • admin

          Dear Tadesse

          The call Centre only works with passport numbers and reference numbers. Did you receive a text message from home affairs confirming receipt of your email? If yes, the reference number starting with 1000…should be listed on the text message as well.


    • Ashebir Dilnesaw

      Please help us. I applied for a PR in 2004 which was rejected because of a new law. I then waited until five years since I married my wife, now we are married for 8 years. We last applied in June having waited for so long in such a way that we could get an appointment for an interview. They told us that this will take six months, and we are still waiting. I therefore request the home affairs to consider our siuation and help us in getting the interview dates as soon as possible.

  4. Edward

    Hello, i applied for a work permit through an agent in 2010 that was rejected.i have since been in and out of the country, was married in july this year and my daughter was born in august.i applied for a spousal permit but have recently discovered that the 2010 application is pending and the spousal permit is not being processed. I was told to write a letter of withdrawal /cancellation,which i have done. Please advise on what to do. Thank you

    • admin

      Dear Edward

      Many thanks for your email. You must cancel / withdraw the previous application in writing, as you cannot have two applications pending at the same time.
      As soon as it’s captured on the system, re-submit your spousal application. If you applied in Cape Town, ensure that you submit the application, as well as an additional copy of the application.

      Kind Regards,

  5. kondwani

    I applied for a permit with reference number 1000127834 i got from sms. My passport number is MA056088. I was wondering if you could check for me as to whats the status of my application. If possible, i’d like to know what the system shows with regards to the permit.

    I hear if you are to do a permit verification, you need to go to the issuing office. The problem is, i am mostly busy during the week and sometimes even on weekends. Is there not a way this can be checked on the system
    with the reference number or passport number?

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated. You can respond to the email address supplied.


  6. lawrence Uchehara

    Hi I have been waiting for my tempotay permit for over a month now and I’m going home in the next 20 days, I learnt I cannot come back to South Africa without my tempory permit and I’m only making an exchange to my new passport and I have bought plane tickets for entier family, I cannot use the receipt given by tha home affairs since that will give me a problem on my way coming back to SA I wil be deported at the airport. PlEASE HELP!!!

    • admin

      Hello Lawrence

      Thank you for your email. Which country are you from? Normally you are allowed to leave and enter SA again with your receipt. However, you are only doing a transfer, so you should be fine.
      However, please advise which country are you from?


  7. lawrence Uchehara

    Hi forgot to meantion that I already have a permit but I just want it to be transfered into my new passport but its taking time and I boutght my plane tickets and cannot comeback to SA without it even though I’m married and I’m going with my wife and childrend but it will still make no difference I will still be deported as soon as I land in SA! Thank you.

  8. md.moniruzzaman bapery

    I’m a refuse and I’m married with a s.a citizen. So l want to know, is it possible to get permanent residence permit in s.a. if it
    possible i want know the processor. please

    • admin

      Dear dear / madam

      In order to apply for permanent residence, you have to proof that you are 5 years married to the s.a citizen. Could you please advise how long you are married?
      If you are a refugee, you need to prove 5 year refugee status. You can obtain a letter from the refugee committee confirming your 5 year status.



  9. Tadesse dilnesaw Meshesha

    I only get the SMS when I apply which starts whith 1000

  10. topy

    hi,i need your advice please.i applied for life partner permit less than a month.i was given a receipt and received sms with refrence no.my question is this-is it possible for me to go home with the receipt and come back?

  11. Sipho Sibanda

    My name is Sipho Sibanda. I applied for the renewal of a general work permit at Germiston offices in March 2012 but my data was not captured and I discovered by myself in July went there and it was captured on 17 July 2012 and since then it has been on pending and no communication on what is happening. It is so frustrating because I am at the verge of losing my job. My last permit expired on 31 May 2012. My passport number is CN637393.Please advise am racing against time to save my job.

    • admin

      Dear Sipho

      Normally you can re-submit an application after 5-6 months at the office of application. Please let your company write a letter to home affairs, in order to explain the circumstances and what could happen, should your application not be finalized.

      However, please keep in mind that it is still at the discretion of Home affairs to approve or reject an application.


      • Sipho Sibanda

        Thank you for your response though it came late because have already lost my job.Now I do not have a letter of employment for the renewal of my permit, how do I submit without proof of employment.

  12. Peggy nzambo

    My son has permanent resident the certificate has a wrong surname, its been 5 years waiting for change of surname i have tried to enquire but told to wait, what can he do

    • admin

      Dear Peggy

      Many thanks for your email.

      Unfortunately it does take long, however, I will email you some contact details regarding the issuance of PR certificates.



  13. Lemmington Mabauti

    I applied for the renewal of my spousal accompanying permit on November 27, 2012. I was later informed when I was checking to attach a valid permit of my spouse which I did mid December 2012.
    I still have no valid permit, my bank account was made inactive on the 31st of December at midnight in accordance with FICA. Please can you assist.

  14. hi, i do apply for permanent residence under my daughter ,i apply from 2011 september 12 in capetown untill now my application still pending ,please i asking for help in you ,because it not easy for me to support my wife and other childreens ,but if i have paper i would do more in our family (my ref number is 1000560645 and case number 1204000336

  15. Eded GAbriel.C

    sir/madam,i applied fro extension of temporary resident permit on 15th november 2011,there was an error on satisfying stamp by saps officer which was later resolved.months later i got another rejection letter stating that my spouse physical’s needed,then we went to the regional office and produced the copies of the interview we did and resubmitted the application with an appeal letter on 30th october 2012,up till now the answer i also get’s pending.my passport will expire on 12 march,is it possible for me to use my new passport and apply for a new permit?bcos even when i call the call centre,no query’s recorded on my application.

    • admin

      Dear Sir / madam

      Many thanks for your email. Unfortunately appeals take very long.
      We would suggest to enquire with the supervisor at home affairs whether you are able to cancel the previous application and apply for a new permit, with your new passport.
      Please ensure that you have your receipt from the previously submitted application.



  16. My name is Resistance Kupara. I hve a proplem of my work permitti. The issue is I lost my passport no was BN 232769 so now I hve new passport en I do transfer 2 months ago until now I hvnt receive anything and I don’t even receipt showz that I hve a permtt. police iz alwayz on m. There by the border they gave m 2 dayz only. My new passport nmba is CN936564 pliz if there iz anything that u can do for m uum even God shal bless u.

  17. michael lomoko

    Hi there
    Please Help! i applied for a renewal Permit TRP in July 2011, since then i have not received extention permit and my permit on the passport expired August 2011, the regional office told me to resubmit my application on the November 2012 which i did and i’m still waiting, please help me i can’t do anything because of this issue, my passport no H2466170, thanks very much in advance and God blessed you.

    • admin

      Dear Michael

      Your application has been submitted quite recently. We suggest to follow up on a regular basis on the application.


  18. Sipho Sibanda

    Thank you for your response but it came late because I have already lost my job. Now I want to find out how do I submit without proof of employment and a work contract, and how long does it take to get it when I do a re-submision.

    • admin

      Dear Sipho

      We are terribly sorry to hear this.
      Unfortunately you need to have an offer of employment / confirmation to do a submission. We suggest to speak with your previous employer and let them write a letter to home affairs.




      Dear sir/madam

      I applied for a permit transfere on 2013 October

      I have not any update from the department. I need to know what is holding my permit. THANKS


      Dear sir/madam

      I applied for a permit transfere on 2011 October

      I have not any update from the department. I need to know what is hold
      ing my permit. THANKS

  19. s.s.o

    HI. SIR /MADAM. I applied for parmanant rasidance in 5 may 2011 on my work permit but. I got refrance number also but I didn’t get any result until now please suggest me

    • admin

      Dear Sir / madam

      Unfortunately permanent residence applications do take long to be processed. We suggest to keep following up on this, using your reference number.



  20. Descent Thebe

    hi my name is Decent Thebe, I have applied for the permitt,I ‘ve been told its pending ever since,now my problem is I can’t go home because I was not given the receipt,and at the border posts charge for over staying, please help me, wat must I do to get the receipt,where do one go to get the receipt?

  21. Maswela

    I applied for a work permit in 2010.I got an sms in July to collect the outcome of my application.Unfortunately,it was rejected because the office claimed I didnt submit my passport,of which I did.I wrote a letter of appeal,accompanied by a letter from my employer and my passport.I went to check recently,and was told my file was closed,so I can only do a follow up with the Pretoria office.Iam in Capetown.Please help!!!

  22. Hi there. My husband is from Congo DRC, he applied for a permanent resident in 2011 December. We had been calling emailing to hear if its still in the right way our case number is 1205009551 and the number we got from home affairs is 1000615278 his name is Snake Lumu Doudou an we applied in Cape Town Home affairs please help us out

    • admin

      Dear Ncediswa

      Unfortunately Home Affairs is currently experiencing a backlog of more than 40 000 applications. We advise to just continue following up on the application.



  23. My name is Maswela Farai,passport no. CN067143,reference no.1000465351.I applied for a work permit in December 2010.My application was rejected because the office claimed I didnt submit my passport,of which I did.I wrote a letter of appeal accompanied by a letter from my employer and my passport.I checked the outcome at Bellville offices in Capetown,earlier,I was told my file was closed and I can only do a follow up with the Pretoria office..Please help!!!

  24. Ede G.C

    I went to the regional office yesterday,i was told an appeal still pending.so i later called call centre
    the officer online told me that since my application is on an appeal,that it needs a follow up from the
    place where i applied to the head office,so she gave me a phone number to contact the office manager,but i only got
    answering machine voice,so please how do i follow it up,or does it requires legal aid at this time?if possible i can give you the phone number in my next comment.
    Thanks in advance for your timeless advice

  25. geetha premsagar

    dear sir,i applied spousal visa with workpermit on october 30th 2012,till now i ddnt get any sms.my ref no-1000759310.can you please enquire,i need my permit desperatly,thanks

  26. geetha premsagar

    dear sir,i applied spousal visa with workpermit on october 30th 2012,till now i ddnt get any sms.my ref no-1000759310.my passport no-k2875114can you please enquire,i need my permit desperatly,thanks

    • admin

      Dear Geetha

      Many thanks for your email. We charge R750 for follow-up. Should you wish that we proceed, kindly confirm and we will email you a letter of engagement.



  27. Nomathamsanqa Nkomo

    Please help i applied for a permit on 31 Dec 2010 of i recieved a refference from Head Office (1000531495) then went to the office of application that was Last Septermber 2012 of the outcome was still Pending but was told to submite my passport copy . 2 January 2013 went back to Germiston for the outcome but was told the some story( Pending) phoned Head office and i was told to get the outcome in writing or re apply. But a lady by name Isabel helped and i was told to supply them with my copy of a passport again as it is the they need since then i have waiting with no lucky Please help (0717946678)

    • admin

      Dear Nomathamsanqa

      We recommend that you re-submit a complete security copy of the application. Many of the applications, submitted in 2010, were lost due to the move.
      Kindly enquire with Isabel whether you can do it immediately.



  28. geetha premsagar

    hello sir ,if you can get my work permit quickly ,i will be very greatful to you.thank you very much.

  29. geetha premsagar

    if you get my permit as quickly i will pay your fees.thanks

  30. Nomathamsanqa Nkomo

    Thank you with the update . But what i want to understand is that “should. I go re-apply as you have recommended or wait for the outcome as i re -submitted.all the copies that were outstnding on my application as i was adviced by Germiston H\A .

  31. Mals

    Dear Sue,
    i received an sms saying my permit has been finalised and i must collect the outcome after 5 days from my regional office. since than i have been visiting cape town office (near mavericks) and they keep on telling me it is not here yet. i am unsure what to so about it. it has been 3 weeks since i received the sms.

    thank you

    • admin

      Hello Mals

      It’s quite standard to wait a while for the outcome to reach Cape Town. Unfortunately all you can do is wait for it. It might be that it was received, but not captured on the Cape Town side.



  32. Kay

    hi there, i have a relatives permit that allows me to work in the family company…many employers seems not to be aware of it. How can one convince them that it is legal? Thanks, Kay

    • admin

      Hello Kay

      We will inbox you an extract of the Immigration Act, confirming it is very legal to work on a Relative’s permit with authorization to work.



      • Tessy


        Can you please send me the extract of the Immigration act confirming it is legal to work with relatives permit or how can I get an authorization to work on a relatives permit.Please email me on tessy.tom@gmail.com.

  33. admin

    Dear Nomathamsanqa

    Rather resubmit a full set of copies.


  34. topy

    hi.i submitted the application for life partner in december and recently i received sms from home affairs dt i must go and collect the outcome after 5days dt is been finalized.then i called home affairs,they told me that my application is rejected bc there is no proof of financial responsibility between me and my wife.that i must wait for d rejection letter then i can apeal.please i need help.what must i do pls

  35. Zee

    Good evening. I applied for a life partner permit on October 5th 2012; through an agent. I am told that it has been rejected, only a week ago. Now I have only until the 18th of Feb before my days expire in South Africa. I am from Malawi, so I am rather considering to go home (home affairs in my country) and apply for my study permit there since it takes 3 days, plus I already got accepted by Witwatersrand for a master programme and registrations close on the 25th of Feb.

    I told my agent that he should cancel the application, but he says it can only be canceled in Springs, where he applied and the documents are in Pretoria…something I do not understand because I do not know how long it will take for the documents/application to be back in springs.

    Can I still go home quickly and be able to get a study permit whilst waiting to cancel the one this side?

    Please help me


  36. s.s.o

    Hi. Sir/madam. Last time you said to call and give them the reference number,and so I did the same..After calling them they called me back and said they will contact me after 24 hours…And said they have to ask in the enquiry office because they can’t see anything,because they don’t know nothing about my status..And can u please give me enquiry office number

    • s.s.o

      Hello sir / madam. Can u pls guide me how to check online status of ID of permanant rasidance. I want to check my ID status pls help me

  37. Charity

    Good day,
    I applied for a Permanent Residence Permit in December 2011 using my old passport which had my maiden surname. My passport was due to expire in January 2013 so I got a new passport end of 2012. I’m now using my husband’s surname in the new passport. After I got my new passport and my work permit transferred into the new permit, I went back to the office of application to submit copies of the new passport but I was told to wait for the application to be finalised. I’d like to find out, if I wait for the outcome then submit the new passport, will it be like resubmitting the application and will it take the same time the original has taken to be processed i.e. more than a year. Thank you.

    • admin

      Dear Charity

      Should your PR application be successful, your sticker will endorsed in your new passport. You might just keep your marriage certificate at hand when it happens.
      Kindly enquire whether you will be able to send your certificate back for rectification. If you can, it can take up to 2 years to be rectified. However, you may apply for an identity document in the meantime.



  38. Stephane


    I applied for PR under the relative category (my daughter is a SA citizen) in August last year.I followed up my application in enquiring with the call center,the lady on the phone told me that there was an amendment of the immigration law as the DHA no longer accepts PR application under the child category because foreigners are taking advantage in getting married fraudulently with SA spouses and getting children just in order to get legal
    documentation and she referred me back to the office of application.

    I went back to the office of application,I was told they are not aware of any such change of law.

    Please tell me,are you aware of anything like that?

    Thanks for your reply.

    • admin

      Dear Stephane

      Thank you very much for this notification. We are absolutely NOT aware of this new internal amendment. The law clearly states that you, as a foreign national and the parent of a SA citizen, are allowed to apply for PR. The law has not changed yet since 2004 to argue otherwise.



      • Stephane

        Hi Sue,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I would like to inform you that I got my PR this week and I am very thankful to God that it only took 7 months to be processed.

        Thanks again and praise be to the Almighty.

        • admin

          Hi Stephane

          Wow!! Congratulations and we are very happy for you:). Please check if there were any conditions listed at the bottom of your PR certificate. If yes, please ensure that you comply with it all the time.

          Congratulations, once again.



          • Stephane

            Thanks Sue,

            No,there was no condition listed.

            Please answer me,under which circumstance can the South African travel document be granted to permanent residence holders? Is it only given to those who were granted PR under the refugee category?

          • admin

            Dear Stephane

            Are you perhaps referring to a passport? If yes, passports will only be issued once you are being issued with South African citizenship. A status totally different than permanent residence.


  39. u.a.sharf

    hi i got a small problem my paper is ok i got pr in august 2011 i have certificate but in my certificate when officer write my name mistaken he write my name in surname & surname in name but in sytem is right 100% from 19 month i am behind this no respon no id have to support childrens hang in middle plz plz i only want help where & which person help me in office can i get fix or not plz any one how can hear

    • admin

      Dear Sir / Madam

      Many thanks for your email. Unfortunately the certificate must be sent back to rectification and it can take up to 2 years to have it amended. Please ask the official at the counter OR the supervisor to request from Pretoria that they expedite this process.

      Maybe they can write a small motivation addressed to the i.d. section on the correct name and surname spelling as well.


  40. Jennie Richards


    I applied for the life partner temporary visa March 2012 in Pretoria. After they ‘misplaced’ my application 3 times (the final visit I demanded to see the supervisor of the department) I finally received the sms stating that the outcome is ready for collection after 5 working days. This was 3 weeks ago. I left it 2 weeks (10 w. days) before I visited home affairs only to be told that the outcome is not there and I should receive a 2nd sms telling me when to do so. No sms yet. So, I called the call centre only to be told that there is no second text message and that I should revisit to see whether it has in fact turned up.

    After 11 months of going backwards and forwards to Pretoria Home affairs to be told zero information, and usually ending in a heated discussion with the person behind the glass as they will not answer the simplest questions, revisiting over and over is not ideal.

    My question is; Do I receive a 2nd sms? If so, how long after the 1st sms? From experience, how long is the waiting period at this stage?

    I will be grateful of any advice.



    • admin

      Dear Jennie

      Normally you only received 2 sms’s. The first when the application is lodged and the second when the application is finalized. After the second sms, you’ll be required to follow up constantly on whether the results were received already at office of application. We normally allow 2 weeks or so for the results to come through.



  41. manpreet


    Me and my husband are from India and are working here in south Africa for last 3 years. We had applied for a visitor’s visa for my husbands parents to visit us for a month. The guys at the south African embassy in Mumbai say that my husbands work permit has been sent for verification to the permitting section at Pretoria HQ. Can I contact someone at permitting section to elevate the process? Thanks

    • admin

      Dear Manpreet

      Unfortunately the SA Consulate reserves the right to do the confirmation. It takes normally 1-2 weeks for verification to take place.




    Dear/Madam. I just want to know how far are you with my reletive permit. My passport no is RB287160. Thank you.

    • admin

      Dear Palesa

      Unfortunately we are not able to provide you with an answer. Kindly contact the Department of Home Affairs to enquire.



  43. sukhdev singh

    Dear sir/madam I applied south Africa temporary residents 15 November 2011 in randfontein home affairs office.my passport no.is h6303623 my application reference no 1000600070 until now I don’t get any response, two week Before I phone home affairs office they said head office lost my application file I have to apply again plz sir/ madam show me the way. Yours sincerely. Sukhdev singh

    • admin

      Dear Sukhdev

      Please file a copy of your complete application WITH a copy of the receipt that was given to you, when you lodged your application in 2011.



  44. simon

    Can u please provide me with a call centre number where I can make follow up on my application! Thank you!

    • admin

      Dear Simon

      The Home Affairs Call centre number is 0800 60 11 90. They will first verify your full names and passport number, before answering your query.



  45. Okosun Esther

    Hello please am from Nigeria, I submitted a temporary resident extension for my 2yrs old son and I at the home affairs office in cape town. I was told that usually they were meant to send me an SMS, but up till now I haven’t gotten any sms. The submission was made on the 12th of Feb 2013 and our visa expires on the 3rd of march. Please reply please please. Don’t want my son and I to get into problems. Thanks a lot

    • admin

      Dear Esther

      Many thanks for your email. It might be that your son’s application was not captured as yet, but we suggest that you go back to home affairs with your receipt to enquire at the counter. But you do not have to worry. Your application was accepted and your receipt was given to you, right? Even if your son’s visa expires, it is fine. He is allowed to stay into South Africa until his application is finalized.



  46. BK

    On 27 Nov 2012 I applied for a general work permit at Germiston home affairs. Some time in Feb 2013 I went to check on the outcome of my application. (Did not receive any smses or anything) I was told that my “information was being captured in Pretoria come back next week.”

    I went back after 2 weeks only to be told to “resubmit” When I asked for clarity on what, why and how I needed to resubmit, when the previous week I had been told my information was being captured, I was given no explanation but I was only told again (as if I’m deaf) “resubmit”. In fact the official got extremely irritated with me and proceeded to shout at me in full view of other people. When I asked to speak to the supervisor for clarity I was denied access to him/her.

    My questions (which could have easily been answered by the official I dealt with) are

    1.) Is there any way of verifying whether my documents were actually received by HQ since I was told at first that they were being captured in Pretoria then told to resubmit?

    2.)What exactly is resubmission. Does it mean resubmitting all my documents all over again including the original advert which I submitted with my first application? Do I have to pay another R1 520? Is there some sort of deadline from the day I was informed of the decision to resubmit? Will it be enough to provide copies of all the documents I submitted including advert or does that have to be the original advert?

    3.)What really happened to the documents I submitted the first time?

    • admin

      Dear BK

      I am terribly sorry to hear about your ordeal at home affairs. Please find my answers below:

      1) Yes sure. You are more than welcome to contact the Call Centre on number 0800 60 11 90. They will verify your details (passport number and full names) and will be able to assist with your query. Maybe you can also ask them for the reference number as well as a case number?

      2. A resubmission is just a complete copy of the application you submitted. You do not have to pay the R1520 again. Copies will be fine and I suggest you also include a copy of the receipt given to you by Home Affairs to prove that you submitted the original application before, AS WELL AS PROVE THAT THE APPLICATION WAS PAID FOR.

      3. It might be that the application / documents got lost or was never captured on the system. If it was captured, you were supposed to be given a reference number starting with 1000….

      I sincerely hope my answers are clear and wish you everything of the best.

      Warm regards,


      • BK

        Dear Sue

        My sincere gratitude for your prompt and detailed answer. I neglected to make copies of my documents but it is something that I am sure my employer can remedy. I stumbled across your site while doing a google search and I found it very helpful. Thank you again.

        • admin

          Dear BK

          You are most welcome! Feel free to pop in regularly on our blog for immigration updates! Have a lovely day further.



  47. sukhdev singh

    Can u please forward me email address or fax no so that I can send u the copy

  48. Okosun Esther

    Dear sue

    Actually I submitted my extension along with my son’s. We didn’t get any SMS that it was received. Let us know pls. Is it a way of saying they denied us the extension. Your response wud be highly appreciated.

    Thanks Mrs Esther Okosun

    • admin

      Dear Esther

      No, my dear. You will still receive a sms despite the application being approved or rejected. We would advise to follow up physically at home affairs everytime.



  49. Okosun Esther

    And yes I was giving a receipt for both of us.

  50. Nomathamsanqa Nkomo

    Please help i am now losing hope if i will ever get my Permit its now almost 2yrs and 3mnths since i applied for my permit. But i have been throw to walls and pilers . HO tell me diffirent stores and the Branch tell me other stories. HO told me my Permit was collected 6/10/2012 but Germiston branch tells me it was rejected and they no formal explanation as how it was Rejected phoned HO only to be told my file has been closed and that was after a 2yrs since i applied. Had told to resubmitte my Documents of which i did but nothing come out of it Please advice me on what step i should take

  51. timo

    I applied for a PR and my application was rejected, I appealed and i am still waiting for an answer for almost two years. I have been adviced that the appeal route is bad one as npo one really knows the status of the application and will rather want to cancel the appeal and re apply afresh. Who can i contact to cancel this?

    • admin

      Dear Timo

      You have to give a request, in writing, to the office where you lodged your appeal. Have an additional copy at hand in order for home affairs to stamp it as acknowledgement of receipt?



  52. Paul

    Please assist, last year May i applied for a life partner for my fiance who is not from SA. The life partner took some time to get approved and eventually came through in Mid August and at the time of applying my partner was on a tourist visa.

    She then had to return home in September for a medical operation and returned in November. Since then we parted and my partner returned back to home country at the end of January. We have managed to patch things up.
    My question is the life partner was canceled by myself in mid November but i am now wanting to reinstate it. Is this possible? And if so how? A head adjudicator my the name of Maggie in the DHA in pretoria approved the original life partner.


    • admin

      Dear Paul

      Firstly, you’ll need to check if the permit was indeed cancelled. You’ll have to physically enquire with the office of application. You can use your partner’s passport number for this.

      If it is cancelled, you’ll have to apply for a new permit for your life partner.



  53. zaidan

    hi i have applied for my mom citizenship and she has been holding a permanent residence permit for 8 years and every year she goes on a one month to two month back home for medical treatment and her application has been declined what is the procedure and please who can help me sort that matter out cause as far as i know that if u have had permanent residence for five years you should be able to qualify for citizenship

    • admin

      Dear Zaidan

      Many thanks for your email. Firstly, could you kindly indicate the reason for the rejection?


  54. Eded GAbriel.C

    sir/madam,i could not get a good follow up from the harrison office manager,up till now,i still receive no decision made yet frm TRP check counter at the regional office.so now i don’t know what to do,i don’t know if my appeal documents for an appproval’s dumped in their drawer at pretoria office.please what’s the next alternative for me bcos i kw there must be a way out since i ve a new passport in my possesion?best regards

    • admin

      Dear Sir

      When did you apply for the extension? Permit applications can take up to 3-4 months to be processed. Did you receive a sms from home affairs, indicating that they have received your application?



  55. Eded GAbriel.C

    sir,in conclusion to my last massage,what i applied for was to exte
    nd my temporary residence permit which was due and i did applied accornding to the rules and regulation act b
    ut for long time now there’s no result,so must i wait till the six months esteemated period of their review which comes up in April this year?

  56. hopeless

    Thank you for the very informative site. I applied for a quota WP (IT professional) at Joburg office in July 2012. I also submitted a family member permit application for my 2 year old child at the same time. Received the smses with reference numbers. No response since then. I called, I visited Jhb office in person to inquire – “your applications are pending, just wait”. It’s been 8 months and I have lost a job offer due to not having a work permit! I asked if I could cancel/withdraw the applications and resubmit and was told no, I can only resubmit after 12 months. Is it true, is there really such a rule?

    Another concern is that our family now qualifies for a PR under my husband’s work permit. We tried to submit a PR application recently andwere told that the child cannot be included in the application because he does not have a permit, i.e. is in the country illegally. We tried to reason with them and showed the receipt – see above, but were told no. So what can we do now?

    • admin

      Dear Sir / Madam

      Normally the home affairs branch in JHB is quite strict. There is not really a rule in the law indicating when you can do a resubmission. It’s most likely an internal decision from the branch.
      My advise would be to call the Call Centre on 0800 60 11 90 and let them escalate it to Head Office. Also ensure that you get a case number from them and follow-up with them every week.

      Firstly, your child is NOT illegal in the country as he has an application pending with Home Affairs. However, he needs to be on a valid temporary residence permit to submit a PR application.
      Therefore it’s best that you involve the Call Centre as soon as possible, so they can assist you in this matter.



  57. james m. deegan

    Found your site very informative ,lots of interesting facts .I can never get the information regarding the following.does my application receipt for renewal of temporary relatives permit cover me when current expires.I do have a PR permit application since july 2011 also outstanding ,in receipt of appropriate sms and reference numbers . many thanks jim

    • admin

      Dear James

      You are most welcome. Your receipt allows you to reside, NOT WORK, legally in South Africa until you receive the outcome of your application. Until you received your PR results, you need to ensure that you stay on a valid TR permit all the time. The fact that you have an application pending (temporary residence) with home affairs is fine.



      • james m. deegan

        Dear Sue, Very grateful for your prompt reply , as a 78 year old pensioner it will save many frustrating unanswered telephone calls and and visits to their offices. Jim

        • james m. deegan

          Dear Sue just spoke to permit enquires on 0800601190 who told me I must go their office {Durban} and inform them temp. permit expires on 15 march I explained I had receipt for new application, please advise jim

          • james m. deegan

            Just returned from Home Affairs in and out in 5 minutes just a quick stamp to my receipt and told to wait for sms. Thanks again for your excellent assistance jim

  58. Abid Hussain

    Hello sir/madam

    I need some information according to my TRP(spousal) permit ,my trp permit was issued in 2008 and expired in 2010 then after dat I applied for my extension from Durban home affairs but HQ did,nt captured the documents then I resubmitted it again after 1 year from JHB (I was moved there) I received a msg with my ref number 1000703885 then 2 months ago I went Home Affairs they said my application was rejected and the reason they give me it was frauglation asylum seeker and the point is I never had asylum at all I entered in SA in valid visa and got married then so on I got my Permit , I applied for extension it was not even new Permit and now I don’t knw what to do shud I re apply it or shud I pay fine for staying in SA illegal from last 2 years and apply new application ( in system it shows REJECTED ) thanks in advance

    • admin

      Dear Abid

      I am terribly sorry to hear about your ordeal.

      Normally home affairs will request that you legalize yourself and pay a fine yes. It is still at their discretion though, whether they will accept a new application from you.
      I suggest that you speak with your supervisor at the home affairs branch and tell him / her that you were never an asylum seeker. This is obviously an error from home affairs.



  59. Toni

    I applied for my extention of my temp residence (spousal with attached working permit) on the 15th of Jan 2013. I was very happy to hear On the 28 Feb (I received a SMS) I could collect the outcome at cape-town office.
    Now I just had surgery and am not allowed to travel at all until the beginning of April.
    Is there a set period you HAVE to collect the permit?
    Can my husband collect it for me?

    I had contact by email with the customer service centre of home affairs and they told me to contact the cape-town office. I tried to phone (they gave me 4 tel no.) with no luck of getting through at all ( phoned 60x at least!!)
    CSC told me to speak to the office supervisor. No, they didn’t know his name and no they can’t give out his email address. Any change u have a email address? This is much cheaper than hanging on a forwarded tel line that doesn’t get answered.

    Great thanks.

  60. Eded GAbriel.C

    Dear sue,thanks very much.i resubmitted the application and got an sms with a new reference number on 30th october 2012 which is now heading to 5months.so each two weeks i checked at the TRP counter,no decision made yet on your appeal,so how do i know if it is followed up with my timeless calls to the call centre.waiting for your reply

    • admin

      Dear Gabriel

      Request a number from the appeal section and follow up there. I have to unfortunately add that appeals do take long to be processed though.



  61. Tessy

    I wanted to travel with my husband to France but i have to have a valid SA spouse permit to apply for visit which will be valid for atleast 3 months after the date of return. My spouse permit s expiring on 4th june. Last week I went and applied for extension and I got a message that the application is received. It is very urgent and how can I fast track the process.I cannot stay alone with my baby in SA. Please help me.Can you mail me to tessy.tom@gmail.com

  62. Matiaba

    I have now twice resubmitted my work permit appeal at home affairs cape town from Oct 2012, but until now my file has not yet been captured in the system, after following up with the call centre pretoria. Cape town is so helpless as to reveal what is really going on with this capturing problem that keep on stretching out. I have done so many follow ups and finally dont know what to do.
    My file number is : 1000586178
    Please help me as to what to do or who to contact (email addresses).


    • admin

      Dear Matiaba

      We are truly sorry to hear about your difficulties with home affairs. Appeals can take a long time, but it’s best to speak personally to a supervisor, in fact demand to see one.
      Also log a call with the Call Centre, get a case number and let them help you expedite this.

      All the best.


  63. Ethel

    Dear Sue,
    I applied for an extension of my Volunteers permit a month ago today. I am from Zimbabwe. My question is i need to go home in about 2 weeks but my application has not yet been finalized. Can i use my receipt to travel in and out of South Africa.

    Thanks for all your help
    Best Regards

  64. SRK


    Thanks for this site, It is very informative. I want to find out some info regarding my TRP(spouse visa). I applied for extension of spouse visa in sep 2010 from JHB office. I’ve got the message from home affairs in April 2011, when I went and checked , the application was rejected due to not submitting the pcc,medical report which they never asked or not even given in the check list when we submitted. When we asked the office , they told that we need to write an appeal letter to them and submitting the pcc,medical report. so, we did wrote the appeal letter as their suggestion and
    submitted to them along with pcc,medical report. And in 2011 November we need to go to our home as my mother expired and need to go ,so we went to home affairs and explained the situation, then were told to resubmit all the documents . we did resubmitted immediately.since then 2011, till now, no outcome from them. whenever we go to home affairs, they saying still pending and appeal will take longer and saying to call to call center and find out and tell them to excalate. And when we call to call center, they had captured my application status only untill march 2011. After that , they have no update and saying that i must speak to home affairs office. But still no outcome from either of them and no advice from them other than miss ordeal from them. So, please can you advice me in these situation.
    1. can i cancel that application and apply newly. Is that right way of doing?
    2. can i resubmit and just waiting for outcome?
    3. can i excalate in any way through call center? if so, how can i do that?

    Please,please , help me, as i need to go home again to visit the family.

    • admin

      Dear SRK

      I am terribly sorry to hear about your ordeal. If you cancel your application, you will be considered illegal, UNLESS Home Affairs gives you a grace period in order to leave South Africa. You will then be able to submit a permit application in your home country.

      The Call Centre can also assist with expediting the application. They normally request a copy of the application and issue you with a case number. If you decide to go this route, please ensure that you remain in constant contact with them. Their number is 0800 60 11 90.



      • SRK

        Hi Sue,

        Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your time.
        Unfortunately, I haven’t kept the copy of the application with me. I can send all the other documents copies to call centre except the application copy which i had submitted to homeaffairs in 2010. So, can I send the copy of the documents with acknowledgement receipt to the call centre to expediting and giving me the case number? Please advice on this so that I can proceed further.

  65. Naho

    can you please send me contact details of the department,i want to cancel an application which i applied last year of changing surname.or any fast procedure to cancel the application…..

    • admin

      Dear Naho

      The Home Affairs Call Centre number is 0800 60 11 90. You may enquire from them, as we do not know what home affairs office you submitted your application at.




    I have bean waiting for my work permit to be transfered in my new passport, since there I haven’t received anything from the department. Could you please assist by replying via email or sms to 0780313061. THANKS

    • admin

      Dear Lovemore

      Please enquire with Home Affairs on how far they are with your transfer. You may also call the Call Centre on 0800 60 11 90. They will give you a case number.



  67. MD motin

    Hi, am have aplaied trp permit I want to know it will be take how long for print my enquiry number :-1000834902

    • MD motin

      Hello, I am md (hashmot alli molla) motin have been apllied for trp permit so please may I know that it will take how long for print my enquiry number:1000834902

      • admin

        Dear MD

        Many thanks for your email. Where did you apply? It can take up to 2-3 months for permit applications to be finalized at Home Affairs Head Office in Pretoria.



  68. Gashaw

    I have applied for permit transfer, from stolen passport to the new one, at the the department of home affairs in Paarl, in July 2011. I was given a reference number: 1000443421. While the approval of my transfer application was underway at the head office in Pretoria as of July 2011, my study permit has already expired in December 2012. I was also given two different case numbers as I was repeatedly calling to find out if any progress had been made.

    Now I am late to even apply for extension as I have not finished my studies yet due to circumstances beyond my control.

    What must I do?



    • admin

      Dear Adera

      Please speak with the supervisor on duty at the office of application. They should be able to advise you accordingly.



  69. loice

    Hie I applied for a study permit 2 weeks ago and I haven’t received my reference number yet. Can u plz tell me how long it take to receive a reference number from the home affairs?

    • admin

      Dear sir / madam

      Unfortunately we are not able to confirm as it varies from office to office. The best would be to go back to the office of application and enquire over the counter.



  70. Frederick

    I need help! My PR certificate came in 2010 with my names written as the surname and my surname written as the forename. I was asked by homeaffairs office in Soweto to send back the originals for rectification in december 2011. There is still no feedback regarding the rectification. I have been advice to compile a new PR application file for the rectification since my file they said is lying in tones of files somewhere and is difficult to locate. I will be grateful if you can advice me on what to do. Any useful contact details will be appreciated.

    • admin

      Dear Frederick

      We will search for someone and inbox you. Hopefully the Head Office will be able to assist.



      • Frederick

        The Immigration SA team,
        To follow up on my problem to rectify my names on my PR certificate, I have compiled and submitted a new PR application file at Home Affairs Soweto as they requested. I will be grateful if you can send a contact detail of anyone in the head office who can help me in this regards. I have misplaced the contact detail you sent to me previously. My sincere apology!

  71. mapaseka alum

    dear sir m a south african woman married to a nigerian,2011 after we apply for marriege sticker,till nw we hvnt receive it,whn i call de head office thy tell me dat thy r stl busy wth it,it hs been along time i need ur hlp pls wht mst we do to gt de sticker,bcuz i no it tks only 3 to 4 months bfr u gt it ,mi husband passport number a02187870

  72. it possible fr us to cancl de marriege sticker bcuz it is a long tm nw.wht must we do.wv been waiting snc 2011 nw is 2013 .nw we want to apply for full birth for mi child.thy told us we cnt apply for it without a sticker. Passport nor A 02187870.mi id 8204110910080.ive been calling head office thy tl me same story evrytm saying they r busy wth assalumnpaper.can u please tell me wht is de prblm

  73. rachel edwige

    Hi I’m rachel since january i applied for study permit until now they say pending i received message that my application was received my reference number is 1000814466 I don’t know how to do now because I want to start the procedure for a new school but i didn’t received answer yet. Thanks for help me

    • admin

      Dear Rachel

      Many thanks for your enquiry.

      Unfortunately you’ll have to wait for home affairs to finalize the application. It should be soon though. Enquire with the office of application on a regular basis. Please also free to contact their call centre to expedite the application.



  74. Kheira Kortenbout

    Dear Sue,
    I am not sure if you can help me but I am trying to get an email address and a phone number of someone in Pretoria that finalizes PR applications.
    I applied and had my interview on October 23, 2012 (Ref#1000754757). I have been married to my SA husband over 3 years we have a 15 month old son (how I applied) and I have been employed for 2.5 years. I would like to send a letter asking for urgent and immediate finalization of my PR permit as we have made an offer to purchase a house and will lose it (as the banks want 50% instead of 10% down without proof of PR) if we can not prove that my PR is granted by the 12 of April (at most I can push it one week until the 19th of April) but then we will be out of time and will lose our chance at this family home (that we can afford and have saved 10% down for). Any idea of whom I should send this letter to? I have contacted the office where we applied and we have left a letter there, I have contacted the agency I used and they said they will email once a week, I have contacted the call centre (they said they would get back to me Ref# 1304001795 this was earlier today) but I am looking for someone I can contact directly or contact higher up that can actually do something as the agency I used didn’t sound very hopeful about getting this finalized by the 12th or even getting someone interested in finalizing this.
    Thank you very much in advance for any assistance you can provide.
    Kheira Kortenbout

  75. Hugo Chukwu

    Hi Admin I will be glad if you can give me answers to my question. I applied for a life partner permit which was rejected by the home affairs last year In November. While my life partner permit was being processed, me and my spouse (A south African Citizen) had to go to the home affairs office at Pretorious road to register our Foreign marriage into the national population register. It took nearly four months for our marriage to be entered into the register and this happened the same month my life partner permit was rejected. I was advised by the home affairs to write an appeal letter and to submit it with a fresh application for a spousal permit, of which I did the application on the 18th Dec 2012. On a follow up call to the home affairs call centre later in January i was told that my application was received successfully at the head office in Pretoria on the second of January 2013. Now three months have passed since it was received at the head office and nearly 4 months since the application was made. My Question is, how long do appeals currently take for there to be a turn around? If it is something that does not have a time frame, then can it be withdrawn in order for me to make a fresh application that I will be sure will not take forever.
    Last week when I went to the office of application, I was told that the application was still in process, the same thing the call centre has been telling me.

    • admin

      Dear Hugo

      Appeals take unfortunately very long to be processed. If you wish to submit a fresh application, you’ll need to ensure that you have a valid temporary residence permit (even visitor’s permit) in your possession.



      • hugo chukwu

        Thanks Sue for your response regarding appeals at the home affairs. I took some steps which has happened to be a positive one. I wrote a letter of complaint to the minister of home affairs regarding my appeal application and I was surprised to get a reply from someone from the office telling me that the matter will be looked into. And within two weeks after i got a call from the DHA asking me to fax copies of my passport and my spouses passport to there office. Two days after sending the fax i phoned back the office in Pretoria and i was told that my case has been finalized and that i should wait for the sms before going to get my sticker at the office of application. I cannot believe how fast things turned around for me. Thanks so much for your advice and i will keep all posted once i collect my sticker.

        • Hugo Chukwu

          I finally got my permit this morning after 5 months of making an appeal. It was in fact issued on the 7th of May and i cannot be more glad for seeing the end of this process. Thanks everyone for your posts and comments.


    Hi madam.I am kenyan citizen did apply for permanent residence on Dec 17.2008.do follow ups for past 2yrs.on 2011 was told my application can not be traced must re apply which I did on 17-2-2011. Here my ref no.1000313295.trucking no.HPS11705514F..do call this no.0800601190.told my application still pending.was ginen this case no.1108016453.do a lot of follow ups nothing happen.on sat 31-03-2013 I call this no.0800601190 again the lady she told me my appliacation has been finalised I must collect the outcome recorded phone ref no.1303046076.went to home affair they told me still pending.call again the toll free number on 2-04-2013.talk to Thabang record phone ref no.1304001321.told me still pending.so I am very confused can u help me pliz. married with 2 Daughters very disperate.

    • admin

      Dear Ali

      I’m terribly sorry to hear about your ordeal with home affairs. There are currently a backlog of approximately 40 000 permanent residence applications at Home Affairs. Unfortunately you’ll have to hold on, if it was not finalized yet. However, continue to follow up with home affairs on your application.



  77. kay kay

    Hi, My name is Kay and I live in the US, my mom applied unabridged certificate birth for me sinse I’m out of the country and we’ve been waiting for 3 months now. When she calls they say she’s on a waiting list..what I dont understand is its only take not even a month to get unabridge but is it taking so long….and I really really need it…
    Please help

    • admin

      Dear Kay

      We suggest you refer this matter to the home affairs call centre in order to speed things up. You’ll be issued with a case number. However, normally unabridged birth certificates take a while to be issued in South Africa.



  78. Sohail Mumtaz

    I applied for my prp in 2011 from durban and still no answer,every time i pay a visit to home affair and wait for almost whole day and in a end same results that my application in progress but pending,my trp was expiered
    and i did applied for extention thats also no result.
    funny thing is some one from the head office call me and told me that if i can pay him 4000 rands he can move my file for trp and prp,i dont want to mention any name but i do have the persons details with me i dont know what to do please somebody assist me with my problem i dont have any status at the momment,my mother is ill and i wish to visit her as sooner as possible.
    kind regards

  79. kay kay

    Hi, My name is Kay and I live in the US, my mom applied unabridged certificate birth for me sinse I’m out of the country and we’ve been waiting for 3 months now. When she calls they say she’s on a waiting list..what I dont understand is its only take not even a month to get unabridge but is it taking so long….and I really really need it…I’ve been trying to call Pretoria Home Affairs but the number is not going thru…may you please give me the number that I can call not a toll free number…please please

    Please Help

  80. akinrinmola akintunde jide

    dear sir/ma
    please i just want to comfirm if this application refference number 1000853230 has been received at the office of home affair because a messege was sent to me that it has been received but i just wnt to comfirm,thank.

  81. Washington Moyo

    I applied for my work permit in 2010and which I got in 2011 and this was during the dispensation programme for Zimbabweans and my problem is that my permit will expire next year in June and would like to find out if they will extend or renew these work permits.

  82. Mercy

    May i have a number where i can trace my permit application. Submitted my application at home affairs- randfontein.

  83. Giscard

    Good Day!

    I just submitted application on the renew of existing TR under relative permit but before I reached that I was through difficult stage coz my existing permit expired en December 2011 while I submit the renew process on that 5 month later it came rejected coz the proof of cohabitation was missing(but I did submit all) then I appeal the outcome until early this month I was told I have to cancel the existing appeal and make a new fresh application with a letter of rejection which I did and received my Receipt of acknowledge. But my problem since last month I was granted a working Visa in France and I have to leave on the 30. Verbally some friends says I can pass the Cape town airport with no problem just show my receipt from home affairs but some says I’ll still have to pay the fine for the year Gap… And wouldn’t be allow back in SA until the outcome, the second doesn’t border me much since I can still apply the visa to come here but what about the fine.
    – I’m still subject from the fine even I wasn’t responsible for the delayed?
    – Is the Receipt from the Home affairs can’t allow me to pass the Immigration control at Cape town airport?
    Please I need your advise since I have no time to check with home affairs….

    Plus another Immigration agency ask me R250 to provide me the letter of exit how truthfully is that one? Sounding doesn’t make sense since he still need my receipt from Home affairs or can go and apply it myself?
    Kind Regards

    You can Email me on giscarddestin1@gmail.com . I’ll be flying to france on the 30 april2013

    • admin

      Dear Giscard

      Many thanks for your email.

      We will respond accordingly to your email address provided.

      Kind Regards,


  84. Salad

    I aplied permit resident november 2011 in harrison home affairs then i get refrence number i call head ofice then give me case number my pr raceived may 2012 at head ofice until nkow is not finalized please help us

  85. Stephanie


    I applied for a work permit on 08/01/2013 at the Germiston office through an agent that told me that it will be out after a maximum of 2 months. A month later he told me that my permit was still being processed by the head office. After two months my permit was still not out and when I asked him questions about it like whether he had received any sms, he got angry telling me that I was abusing him. I finally called Germiston myself and they said that my application was only captured on 18/03/2013. The consultant that I used said that he could no longer have a business relationship with me due to the fact that I was “harrassing” him with all my questions. He said he was going to send a message to the director of home affairs to say that the power of attorney was no longer valid. That was around 25/03/2013 and I haven’t heard from him I. I have been calling the home affairs every weeks since then and always being told that my application is still being processed. I would like to know if the facts that he sent that letter to the director of home affairs as well as he is no longer representing me will affect my application in anyways.



  86. Chezrae Evans

    Hello. I applied for my I.D. via my school and received an SMS stating that it’s ready. A reference number was in that message but it has since been accidentaly deleted. Is there any way that I could be sent that message again?

  87. admin

    Dear Mubasher

    The best option for you to is to contact the SA High commission in Islamabad Pakistan, where your application was submitted requesting an update from them. We cannot do anything on your behalf without a power of attorney signed giving us permission to act on your behalf.

    All the best

    IBN Team

  88. Barrie

    I have a question for the moderator. I currently have a work endorsement on my spousal permit and it is very likely that I will be changing employers soon.

    1) What is the process of notifying the DHA about my change of employers?

    2) will I be getting a new permit/Sticker each time I change employers?

    3) If the answer to my second question is true, then do I have to wait for the process to complete before I can start with the new job since I already have a an endorsement to work?

    Kind regards

    • admin

      Dear Barrie

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      1. When you have a new offer of employment you will have to apply for a new/ change of condition on your existing permit.
      2. After applying for the change of condition on your existing permit, you will receive a new sticker with the new employer’s details linked to your spousal permit.
      3.While your spousal permit with authorization to work application is in process you are not allowed to work with the new employer until the permit has been endorsed.

      All the best

      Kind Regards

  89. Amy Winehouse

    Hi Admin
    Given the new policy the Department of Home Affairs has adopted to process work permits faster. How long has it been taking them to finalize work permit applications as of 2013?

    • admin

      Dear Amy

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      The current processing times at the Department of Home affairs is approx. 1-3 months for any temporary residence application..

  90. Sirat

    Hi; we are Indian national. Me and my spouse both got the TRP stamped from Pretoria ofc. Now we had applied for the dependent visa for my daugther in Mumbai, India and it had been more then 2 months. latest i heard from embassy is that my TRP is being send for verification. Could you please share us how much time it takes and any process which it can be done faster.

    • admin

      Dear Sirat

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      You need to contact the Mumbai embassy where you submitted the application to find out the reason for delay.

      Some embassies have longer processing times during their peak periods.

      All the best



  91. Christine

    I applied for my PR in August 2011 after 5.5 years of being married and living in RSA. I am still waiting for feedback.
    I have phoned the helpline numerous times to follow up but the only response is that my application is pending. I have also re-submitted all my documents via e-mail and still nothing.
    Do you have any contact names at head office that I can contact to follow up or other advice?

  92. Anna

    Good day,

    Thanks for this very useful website.
    My issue is this…. I applied for my Relative PR at DHA in Germiston, in November 2011, the application only arrived the HQ in Pretoria in July 2012.
    Since then, i have been phoning the call centers and they tell me that the application is Pending.

    Would you know of a number or email address in Home affairs that i can contact to complain of this delay?

    Kind Regards,

    • admin

      Dear Anna

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      I am very sorry to hear about your situation.

      Please check you inbox with a reply.



  93. agnes

    I applied for a work permit at Germiston Home Affair on the 3rd April 2013 till now I didn’t recieved even a reference number confirming the receipt of my application for more than 30 days now. would mind to explane to me?

    • admin

      Dear Agnes

      Thank you for your email.

      I would suggest that you go to the office of application with proof of your receipt and passport and find out if there was a reference number allocated to you.

      Very often it happens where applicants did not get a reference number, it does not mean that your application was not captured on the Home Affairs system. It might just not have filtered through correctly.

      All the best


      • Agnes

        Dear Teri,

        I went to Home affairs severl times, My application for work permit still pending…what can I do now I applied on the 3rd April 2013.
        is there any how I can chech on the website?

  94. Geoffrey Chilufya

    hi,please help i applied for a a study permit a month ago and lost the reference number,what should i do?my phone was reseted

    • admin

      Dear Geoffrey.

      Thank you for your email.

      You may also follow up on your pending application at the Department of Home affairs with your passport and receipt. The applications are processed with your passport number, so an official will be able to give you the reference number again.

      All the best with your future studies.


  95. My aPplication was done 2011 april witch I apply for a Id since that time until now I haven ‘t got the Id yet but they give me Id number on 2012 just for them 2 print a Id for me until now as done I m sick end tired I don t no what I keep and call the just say your application still in process I don t know until when it now 3 years please help at home affair umgeni durban

    • admin

      Dear Augustin

      I would suggest you call the home affairs Call centre and try and have it expedited. Get a case number from them and follow up continuously.


  96. Im tariro from Zimbabwe lm an applicant of work permit in 2011 in Wynberg Capetown after a year l went and checked if my permit was out but its unfortunate it was not and was rejected l losed my job for the past 2years and lm still waiting up to now .what a shock l had after phoning the enquiry number they said the y no longer avaible with no details but only escaped with our permits so what can l do right now because people are buying fake permits to get their jobs back as l heard but im strunded

    • admin

      Dear Tariro

      Unfortunately the Wynberg Permitting section is closed. Your nearest Home Affairs will now be Cape Town regional office in Barrack Street. Please ask to speak to the supervisor of Permitting and request to submit a new application.

      We obviously advise against obtaining a fraudulent permit or buying a permit.


  97. michael lomoko

    OF HOME AFFAIRS My name is Michael, a Bible
    School graduate and a missionary
    sent to help and volunteer in
    my church at
    Sunnyside, South Africa on the 9th
    August 2010, I applied for a renewal of my permit in
    July 2011 to continue staying
    and doing the work of the ministry of
    However Home affairs rejected my
    permit because they wanted to know whether my work was a paid post
    which I did write an appeal in
    2011 and is still pending in the appeal
    section till 2012,
    I called Home Affairs East London since I applied there and they told
    me to resubmit my application due to
    some loss of my application in the
    Head Quarters caused by renovations
    and movements, which I did in
    November 2012, the permit has still delayed since we are in 2013 now
    because of this i can’t get married
    legally to my fiance since 2011,I
    can’t travel, i can’t have access to my
    Bank account and its really
    limiting me in so many things. I plea in the name of God that someone
    should be merciful unto me and
    help me with the issuing of my permit, the delay of my permit is almost
    getting to 3 years.
    I am hoping and believing that God will touch someone’s heart to
    respond to my mail…
    Passport No: 2466170
    Ref: 1305034293
    Contact No: 072 0290 392/078 5989 685
    Yours Sincerely

  98. Okosun Esther

    Hello. I applied for a study permit. May 2nd 2013 . I got a message on July 2nd that it was finalized and I should check after 5 working days. I went there today, but was told it hasn’t arrived. How long do I need to wait before I go back? And does it mean my application was granted. Should I been expecting a sticker?

  99. Olasupo

    I spoke with someone from headoffice and asked me to call helpline … i have been searching for a number to call and i couldn’t find one .. could you please help me in anyway . please i need this to further my career as a Civil Engineer .
    Thanks so much .


  100. BK

    Was on here in Feb about resubmitting. I resubmitted my app for extension/change of condition on my permit in March. Got an sms a few weeks later. After months without a 2nd sms I decided to go to Germiston to check in person. Was told I need to resubmit something about the employer’s name not being clear on the advert I included.. This is going to be my 3rd time submitting. Is this a common occurrunce? Will anything come out of this or am I just wasting everyone’s time?

  101. s.s.o

    Hello sir / madam. Can u please guide how to check online status of permanant rasidance first ID application. I want to check my first ID application status. Please help me for that

  102. Live


    i applied for a TRP but havent received the sms for the ref number. how long does it take to receive one?


    • admin

      Dear Live

      Thank you for your query.

      We have noticed that Home affairs has not been sending any sms’s with the relevant reference numbers to clients for quite a few months. In this instance you may follow up with the Home affairs office of application with your receipt and passport number and the Home affairs track and trace system will kick out a reference number and point out the status of your application.

      There after you may check your application status on the home affairs website with your reference number.

      all the best

      IBN Team

  103. Lizzy

    I just received my Quota work permit and realised that HA wrote the wrong thing/category. what do i do?

    • admin

      Dear Lizzy

      Thank you for your email

      We recommend that you request for a rectification by submitting a copy of the documents you submitted initially and a copy of your permit.

  104. siby mathai

    hi,i did apply for PR in may 2013.if there is anyway I can check my PR status online .please give me reply thank you sir.

  105. kwabena ofori yeboah

    my pr is finalised which i comfirmed with the office of application i was told it was despatched on the 3rd of december 2013 how long does it take to reach the office of application ref : 1000737648

    • admin

      Dear Kwabena

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Depending on the transit system Home affairs uses, it could take a few days or a few weeks. It is best to either followup on the Home affairs website or visit the office of application for an update.

      All the best.

      IBN Team

  106. noma

    Dear Sue
    i applied for a PR yrs ago and have even lost the phone phone with the sms i received. Recently have been getting calls from the call centre pertaining my case. When i try to explain my situation they juss say i should call back. I was given this reference by the last caller 1312006759. I dont know if thats the reference i should use or not. Please check for me what status my process is at now.

    • admin

      Dear Noma

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      The number you received and quoted is a case number to be used when you contact the Home affairs helpdesk. This allows any caller to access your last conversation pertaining to your case.

      The Home affairs helpdesk number is 0800 601190. All the best


      IBN Team

  107. Abel Kafesu

    Recently did a change of status on my exsisting permit how long does it normally take to receive the outcome

  108. Dave

    I got my PR last year and have since applied for an ID. I was recently told last week that my application just moved to the data capturing department. Please how long do you think it would take to get the ID? Thanks.

    • admin

      Dear Dave

      Thank you for your query

      To get the SMS updates from Home Affairs, simply SMS the word “ID” followed by your ID number to 32551. You will be charged R1 for each SMS sent. Or you can visit the Home affairs and check your status online.

      All the best

      IBN Team

      • Dave

        Thanks a lot Sue. I appreciate your reply.
        After moving back and forth the verification and data capturing department, I was told today that it’s been printed and dispatched but the SMS update said it is being printed (step 3 of 4). Does this mean their system (human factor in this case) takes a while to update?

  109. Chengetai

    Dear admin. I applied for a work permit however I did not receive any sms bt when I went to check they said my application had been rejected and they refused to give me a rejection letter. I applied at the germiston offices. Now I want to apply for a study permit. Will I now have to pay an overstaying fine yet I overstayed waiting for a response from homa affairs

    • admin

      Dear Chengetai

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Home affairs needs to issue you with the rejection letter as you are allowed to then appeal or apply for another type of permit within 10 working days of you signing the rejection letter.

      We recommend that you visit the Department again and request the rejection letter. The rejection will also stipulate was the cause for rejection was.

      All the best.

      IBN Team

  110. Conan

    Dear sir/madam

    i have lost my study permit reciept but would like to extend it (study permit) as i have another year, is ther some special procedure i need to follow and or fees i have to pay please advise. ty in advance. i am a namibian studying in sa currently in namibia.

  111. Fmlink

    would you like to tell me how long does home affairs take to outcome the work permit.

  112. Nell

    Good day sir/madam,
    I applied for a TRP a few months ago. The status of my application on the Home Affairs verification website states application has been processed. However, I do not know what the outcome is, and I couldn’t get an answer on the outcome when I called the HA helpdesk number. Do I have to wait for an SMS in order to go to Johannesburg (place application was submitted) HA to find out the outcome? Is the status going to change on the website stating the decision has been sent to Johannesburg?

    • admin

      Dear Nell

      Thank you for your query.

      We recommend that you visit your Home affairs office of application together with your receipt, passport and reference number and they will advise exactly what the outcome is.

      All the best.

      IBN Team

  113. Sosaz

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My PR is finalised and approved , that I comfirmed with the office of application and was told that it was despatched on the 31 December 2013 how long does it take to reach the Harrison office of application ?

    • admin

      Dear Sosaz

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      It usually takes approximately 2 weeks for the result to arrive. We recommend that you follow up from then.

      All the best.
      IBN Team

  114. Tabeth

    Do l necessarily have to be interviewed for an extension to my spousal permit.

    • admin

      Dear Tabeth

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      It is one of the requirements to attend an interview with your partner when submitting /renewing a spousal visa.

  115. Sosaz

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I recently got my permanant residency and applied for an ID document .What is the turn around time for an ID document to be processed ?

    • Tee

      I recently got mine too and was told my PR certificate had to be verified before I can even apply for an ID and this is to take 8 weeks! To think it will take 8 weeks to verify a certificate I got from the same building is just astounding.
      Did you experience same? I was also told I can’t apply for a smart ID card because I’m not a citizen..really confused as the info on their website says otherwise.


  116. What is the current proccessing time for an appeal.i signed and submitted an appeal on the 23 of september 2014.ever since, there has been no results.pls help me.im suicidal now.

  117. Tapson

    Dear sir/madam

    i recently followed up my permanent residency application ( relative category under my father who is a permanent resident ). They said its left with 2 stages. I want to know how many stages does a permanent residence application have and when can i expect to have it issued.


  118. Justin

    Dear sir/madam,

    I submitted for a renewal of my TRP (spousal) over two months ago, I received the SMS but if I call the help desk they tell me it is still at Jhb HA office and when I went there they tell me it’s pending… Who else can I speak to or how do you follow up?

  119. steve

    i am married to a South African Ctizen and i applied for a spousal permit, we have 2 children and we will be married for 5 years this April.I just checked the home affairs website fora status update.It says ‘go collect outcome at office of application”
    Does this mean tht my permit has been rejected?I belive if its approved thy would say ,’your application has been finalised’
    i m really scared.What is their standard wording on the home affairs siteif it has been rejected or approved

    • admin

      Hi Steve
      We hope you came right with your collection of your outcome! The only way is to find out directly if you received a positive or negative outcome.

  120. Nidhi

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am from Indian and applied for Quota work permit on Nov 2013 through agent. Currently I am in South Africa for next three years on spouse VISA. My application got rejected in April 2014 with reason ‘you have attached invalid contract of employment’ and now I appealed for the same with appeal letter.
    Reason does not specify clearly what is wrong or missing with contract.
    Agent says that it will take 3 months to get the outcome.

    What do you suggest appeal thing works and how much time it takes?


  121. Sipho

    Dear Sir/Madam
    l jus want to find out the information of renewing the permits which were issued in 2010 (ZDP).please help with information on the procedure to be taken

  122. John Gamba

    Dear Sir/madam

    I recently got my work permit application rejected. Reason being I hand not submitted South African Qualification Association evaluation form – however I studied in SA and got my degrees from a SA university.

    I am using an immigration agency to handle my appeal – however from the threads I’ve been reading in this page – you keep saying appeals take a very long time. If that’s the case, shouldn’t the agency have recommended a re-application rather? If my normal application took 2 months – how long am I looking at for an appeal?? A response (even an educated guess) would be HIGHLY appreciated.


  123. Chris

    Dear Sir,

    I have submitted my appeal for my PR since Feb 2014, and I tried calling the Call center for update, but was told that they do not have access to view appeal application. Please who do I contact for these information, as I have applied for this PR since October 2011.



  124. Fahad


    I just submitted my application for a PR permit on 19th May 2014. However, I have not received any sms with a reference number. I am afraid that they might lose the application or something. Is it normal to not have the reference number sent through?

  125. mfundo

    Dear admin.
    Hie,im a 22 yrs old female frm Zimbabwe and i have been here in SA since i was 9yrs old.i dnt hv any Identinty doc or birth record frm any of the countries .i once applied for asslum paper bt then when it expired when i went back i for renewal i was asked many questions about Zim which i could nt answer n was told tht m lyng tht m Zimbabwean because i speak more lyk a South African.i was then told to go and apply for a citizenship bt i dnt have much info how and where can i get help.n nw i hv a child who is suppose to start school next year bt i could nt register her because of tht problem.please assist.

  126. raheesa

    Hi please help my husband from pakistan we being married more then 4years we have a 3year old I’m a south african citizen he apply for tp he got it then apply for pr here is the problem 3years pass now homeaffairs tells us it rejected we reapply fax them everything they wanted we fone they say they haven’t gotten anything now we have to go from pe to jhb again to get a rejection letter its really hard being having this stress pass 4 years what could I do to help my husband get his pr so he can work freely and support his family its being forever we still sruggle with homeaffairs help please

  127. Rashmi

    Hello,One of my friends applied for a general work permit in June 2013.He was on Intra Company transfer which expired on July 2013.The GWP was rejected saying he could not change employers but he was still working for the initial company.The agent who submitted the initial application filed an appeal but did not provide any new AOR or reference number for appeal.My friend requested for it several times but she said that the home affairs work on initial reference number.So he changed the agent who said she would file a fresh appeal since the appeal is not on system and was only emailed to home affairs.The new agent has not been successful in filinga new appeal since more than a month now.What are his options now with the chnage in immigration laws if he flies out of the country he would be tagged as undesirable.Please help.He does have the copy of email appeal sent to home affairs.

  128. fidel

    Dear Sue

    I applied for general work permit extension using my new passport so when I went to collect the permit I was told “although the sticker has details of the new passport on it,we can not give it you because it was captured on the old passport”. I did not understand what this means and what the reason for applying for a transfer is since the sticker has details of new passport. And is this not going to affect me whereby I will be told my permit has been cancelled?
    Who do I call to follow up my permit transfer?

    • admin

      You would still need to collect the outcome at Home Affairs for your “old passport” and then only you can do a tranfser of your visa to your new passport. Good luck!

  129. Trevor

    Good day, I was granted PR last year. I applied for PR verification in Dec 2013. The department informed that it takes about 3 weeks to verify.Unfortunately, I haven’t received any response from H/A. I resubmitted my PR for verification but nothing has been received to date. The Cape Town office told me there is nothing they can do except to tell to wait for Pretoria. The national call centre failed to assist as they can’t trace verification certificates. Is there a way for me to follow up & fast track the process or is your organisation able to follow up with H/A on my behalf. Your speedy assistance will be appreciated.

  130. Chantel

    Good day

    My Fiance is from Morocco and we tried to apply for an interview to get married here in South Africa. According to law the no impediment letter that he brought from Morocco had to be copied and send back to the South African Embassy in Morocco by Home Affairs to be verified via email. We waited for almost one month and no reply from the embassy was received, so I phoned after numerous times to find out if they did receive the email home affairs has sent. The reply I got was that the no impediment was not stamped by the correct minister in Morocco. It had to be from one specific minister. It was translated but the embassy also just accept it if it was translated from ONE SPECIFIC translation company in Morocco. So we had to send it back,because the ministry also do not give out a no impediment letter twice to the same person. We received the new documentation and we went to give it to the home affairs, but they refuse to take or even look at the it. They still insist on a reply from the South African Embassy in Morocco first. I phoned the embassy to ask if they can please reply to home affairs, but they told me that they do not verify anything via email, specially documentation and then refused to talk to me and my fiance again over the phone. What can I do in a situation like this? Do we have to do it at the home affairs in the town where we stay or can we go to another home affairs to assist us. When I went to another Home Affairs they said we can only do it at our home affairs where we stay.

    I send emails to the management and directors of home affairs, but nobody seems to care to answer or help us. I also phoned a couple of times but nobody seems to be available always.

    • admin

      Hi Chantel
      So sorry to hear about your situation. Hope you came right in the meantime. Otherwise check VFS website if you can find some assistance there. Good luck!

  131. Runy

    Hi, I applied for a quota work permit compliance letters in Durban between 2011 and 2012, these applications have been pending since then. I then moved from Durban to JHB and when I again applied for the compliance letter in JHB (around June 2013) I was told my application cant go through because of the pending applications done in Durban. JHB Home affairs advised me to go to Durban and get the issued resolved there. I went to Durban and was told the issue had been resolved from their side and the applications can only be closed from Head Office in Pretoria. I called the call centre and was told those applications from Durban are still pending and they are blocking all other applications that I need to do. I called the Durban office today and was told this issue now sits with TRV in Pretoria Head Office and they cant resolve the applications from Durban because the system doesn’t allow them to.

    I want to know what’s the process for me now in order to get these applications closed so that my other applications can go through. Its now more than 2 years now with these applications still pending.

    Thank You.

  132. Jabu

    Hi please help me. I applied for my study permit renewal in December 2013 and they told me to resubmit and i did in February but now when i call them they say it is still being processed. Please help me I need my permit I cannot even go home because apparently they dont want us to use the receipts anymore. How can i speed up the process because they keep saying my case has not been assigned to anybody?

  133. francis

    dear.. admin i want to apply for a life partner visa but am in south Africa now on an asylum permit. how and where can i apply, thanks

  134. Frimpong T I

    pls I want to fine out what will make quota permit application be rejected when all necessary documents has been provided.

  135. sibongile

    Hi plz I need. Your help I applied foa a relative permit on the 11 th of february this year and I was tokd it would take 2. To 3 months but even today am told its still pending I want to apply the passport for my son I can’t am stuck and I want to go plz. Help m

  136. Gwen

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I applied for a general work permit,early this year and it was rejected as they required some outstanding docs.I then appealed and submitted in May but upto now i havent received any response,Ive called the Call Centre and they said they dont keep track of appeals.Went to my office of application and they gave me a whole list of numbers to call of which upto date none has been answered yet,,,Please help…

  137. Mimi

    Hi, I applied for my daughter’s permit in February 2014. The result is out the was received at the office of application (Germiston) on the 11 of April 2014. I have been to and from Germiston to collect, but on countless occassions have been told that it was misfiled, and to leave a copy of the receipt so that they can look for it and get back to me. Sadly, no one has gotten back to me to date. I’m dreading another whole day event of going there only to come back empty handed. I would like to travel but with the new restrictions, I cannot risk it. Please advise on how to proceed. Thanking you in anticipation, Mimi.

  138. Paul

    I applied for the renewal of my study permit, 5 wks ago and I was rejected, because I didn’t submit my police clearance certificate and Health insurance confirmations, But I did submit the proof that I have applied for those documents and receipt of payment for my health insurance, I was given ten day to appeal, I now have all the documents with me, I will like to know how long will the appeal process takes? Please can you also advice me on how to go about appealing.
    Kind Regards

  139. MPILO

    Please help we applied being sisters and two kids reference 2318, 2319 and 2320 of 2014 for visitors visa to S Africa from UK. We are permanent residents who are professionals working full time in the UK. We were refused visitor s visas on grounds that we never understood up to now. We have since appealed with South African embassy and have no clue on when or till when will wait for our appeal to get considered. We are living in a depressed, confused painfully state as we never expected a frustrating refusal, such response from our mother country, since we were just visiting our friends and

    relatives for a short time. We have lost £4000 as we were never refunded for tickets we bought, we took leave from work, kids were closed schools and excited to visit our mother country. But only left in misery up to now, plz help what do we do is there any other way we can be allowed to visit our relatives for a short time. Please rescue our souls

  140. Johannes Mbewe

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Am married to South African wife, I applied for
    Permanent Residence in 2011 and this year was told it’s been rejected on the grounds that a police clearance from my country of origin is missing. However I submitted all the required documentation in 2007 including this police clearance on my first application for temporary residence with subsequent renewals. Unfortunately I don’t have copies, what are my chances for appeal.

  141. Dayana

    Hi Sir

    The sms that was sent to me with the reference ID to check my application status got deleted. How do I go about retrieving the ID again ?

  142. Evrard

    Good day,

    I have been in South Africa for 7 years now on a study permit.

    I recently got an offer of employment and applied for a work permit which i received in May 2014.

    I have been now offered a permanent offer of employment with a permanent position and i will like to know i qualify to apply for a permanent residence permit of category 27(a).

    Thank you

  143. amos ngwenyene

    please help me. In January 2014 I applied for a transfare of my permit form my lost passport to a new passport..upto now I hve not received any reply. If I phone the home affairs office they say it is pending. Please help me .

  144. Patel.jaimin

    i submit my permit last year 2013 sep.
    i dont have refrence number.
    can i check process with my passport number?
    if i can than what is the process for that please help me.

  145. Getrude

    Hi i have applied for temporary permit and permanent residence and i have been waiting for temporary resident for 6 months and the permanent resident for 7 years with no response what could be the problem? Please help if you need more information contact me on this email address. Thank you

  146. Saeed

    please can you advise me…….I applied in February 2012 for my PR…..and I’m still waiting. .I applied through immigration lawyer in Germiston and everytime we check my status it’s always on 103 processing at head office…..
    I am growing very desperate now because I have a family to support and cannot earn decent income…..
    I’ve been advised to email my urgency of needing my PR to the minister but that has also seemed to be a dead end……This is very frustrating as I have triplets age 6 that start school next year…iy is urgent that I get my PR soon.
    what else should I do to speed this up…I have resubmitted my application. ..emailed the minuster by every attempt leads to the same result…a dead end!!!!!
    please advise me.

    • admin

      Please consult your immigration lawyer in your case as they should know the current status on your application or advise on what to do. Good luck!

  147. huzaifa vawda

    Hello dear sir….i have five years working permit…i m frm india..whn i wemt india they check my permit at airport in joburg..they said in da system ur stickers isnot right…u need to change…u must go head office were u apply.they will change for u …but i dont knw wht process to change sticker.n how long they gonna take..

  148. Lientjie du Plooy

    To whom it may concern

    My boyfriend is a Zimbawean, and I am a South African, we both studied here and at the end of our studies we decided we wanted to stay here, we don’t want to get married so the life partner permit was the obvious choice. He applied for his permit in January 2014 through an agency called execuserve, after months of struggeling to get any answers from the agency my boyfriend finally received an sms letting him know the application had been finalised and he can go to home affairs in 5 working days to collect the outcome. Unfortiontely the permit was declined. We were told that we can appeal the result, but we have no idea what to do or who to send the appeal to, the agency has been no help in this regard at all. Would you be able to give me some information about the appeal process please?

  149. Hi can I please have the contact number I need to inquire about the permit. Thanks

  150. Joe

    Good day,

    I need ur advice. I applied for an I’d on a permanent residence permit basis last year October but I haven’t received any feedback or sms to say my application has been captured.
    When I go to check, they tell me to wait until I receive an sms. It’s now close to a year.
    What must I do?

  151. Sizakele N. Zwane


    I received my PR early this year and i then applied for an ID. I’ve been following up and a few weeks ago they told me that they cannot continue with my application because i have a foreign birth certificate which says i was born in South Africa. When i asked the lady what must i do, she says she also don’t know. Just a brief background, I was born in South Africa as my parents told me, but grew up in Swaziland and they had made a Swaziland Birth Certificate bearing that i was born in Swaziland. I 2005 i got married to a South African citizen. Its unfortunate that both my parents are now deceased who can shed more light and the only relatives i have is my mother’s grandmother who also confirms that i was born in South Africa but she does not have any documentation on on my birth. Can you please advise on how do i deal with this issue as the officer helping also cannot give me guidance.


  152. lot

    I am a PR certificate holder and l applied for an lD on the 9/09/2012 and indeed got an sms approval but up to date nothing has materialised.I called the DHA call centre and they told me that my application was suspended.l asked what that meant but l couldn’t get a satisfatory answer.Two years has passed, can you please explain and advise me what to do.

  153. Silas

    I applied for a special skills permit in August 2013. I received a rejection letter stating that “my quota permit” was rejected because of no 5yrs working experience, in November 2013. Then I immediately submitted an appeal for review as I applied for a special skills permit not a quota work permit. I submitted my appeal in November within 10 days then since then, I have been waiting and checking and im told no decision has been made yet…11months now…
    I opened a case in April 2014 and still there has been no movement. Are last year s applications still being processed or is there any chance that a decksion will still be made on my application?

  154. rashaad

    Hi I really hope you can help me, we applied for a renewal on my wife’s spousal permit in February. It is now October and my wife hasn’t seen her family in ages and can’t leave the country. If there’s any way that you can help me. Please email me.
    Kind regards

  155. Collen Ncube

    Hie Sue
    l recommend you for a job well done. Your replies to queries submitted to you are informative and encouraging. I applied for a permanent residence permit last year August 2013 and was rejected. It was rejected because they said that l did not include a conformation letter of employment. On 21 April 2014 l made an appeal showing them the proof that the letter was submitted and resubmitted another letter. They told me that appeals take a maxmum of 90 working days. It is now about six months still waiting. When l phone to ask about its status they say that it shows that an appeal was sent to Head Office on the 29th of April 2014. They say that they can not track appeals. I am afraid because I do not know weather they are still working on it. Please advise.

  156. Thomas

    After waiting for one year and seven month of applying for my PR,midway I was even visited by inspectors from the department ,surprisingly lat week I recently receive an sms from DHA that my PR application has been finalised and I should collect the outcome after 5 working days,unfortunately, when I arrived at the office of application in akasia,I was told that my application was rejected and that I should come back next week for the rejection letter,and he said the application was rejected because I used my children to apply and that home affairs don’t allow foreigners to use there children born of a south africa citizen to apply for PR anymore.
    Many opinion I have gotten since then says that,that is not true and there is no law that says one cannot use his child.
    Please advice me what to do and if I am to appeal what kind of appeal letter can I write to proof them wrong that there is no such law.

  157. Neeta

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Me and my daughter applied for dependent visa renewal in March 2014 and still the online status check is showing code 101. Please advise what to do. All other application before and after it are showing other codes. Only ours is still stuck on 101. Its very sad and frustrating for us.

  158. kazeem

    good morning Admin, i have an Asylum permit, but i was injured during a tournament which take me months to recover from the injury and i’m staying in gorge, during that process my paper expired and i tried to report to the home affairs several time to renew my paper but never have the opportunity to get inside the office, now my paper is going to 8months now and i dont know what to do, please Admin is there any advice on that, Best Regard

  159. Srikanth Reddy

    Dear sir,

    I have applied my PR on 2nd May 2014 , till now i don’t have the outcome – it’s already been 10 months from the date of application , Please advise whom to contact for speeding up the process, Please help.

    Sri reddy

  160. annelize

    Please can you give a number for despatch we applied for our passports and they have diffrent stories everytime. Now they say its in despatch so i want to phone them and find out whats going on.

  161. Bjide

    Dear admin,
    I submitted my application for PR last year July. Its been 8 months now. How do I know when the Home Affairs are sending the approval to me since they stated it takes 8 months to process a PR.
    Thank you

  162. John

    Someone used my passport to go outside the country.and now my permit came out so later on I found the passport and I took it to the home affairs and take my permit. And now the person used the passport to travel so there is a section in the passport. What must I do. Because I want to travel

  163. Oswell

    Hi I have applied for citizenship for my children in November 2014 ref no:2131, H/O ref no 15/2/1/1.
    Would like know on which stage is their applications and how long is it going to take for them to get their citizenship status.

  164. adelina

    Hi I applied for an I’d since last April they said they have rejected my application I did re apply again on early January they said its gonna take only a month to get it but now its end of march please help I need to find the job but I can’t because I HV nothing really waiting is killing me all I need to how long does it take to get it?

  165. edmond

    hi, i applied for a general work permit through an agent. Recently they said its on dispatch and its been weeks. how do i track it. thank u

  166. stany chandrel

    i want to know how long the apeal application takes to be returned to vfs
    i appealed since january 2015

  167. Hi

    I got a temporary parmat on my husband but he is passed away my son got a biological south African citizen on his father his father got permanent resident can I apply permanent resident on my son he is only2year old

  168. Vinky

    Good morning,

    My father was a SA citizen, and he left for Lesotho before I was born. He and my mother passed away, but he was buried at his home Bloemfontein in Free State. My father’s sister says she doesn’t know where my father’s death certificate is because he passed away long time ago. Please help how do I reclaim my SA citizenship?

    He passed away in 1997, and his name was Jeffrey Legetla.

  169. cidalia macuvela

    I applied for my PR in 2012 then I was later sent a rejection letter that stated that my undertaking letters were missing of which I did send I was told to send an appeal but ever since then the home affairs says my papers r pending who can i contact so I can check what could be wrong

  170. Godelive Bope

    Dear sir/Madam

    Ny name is Godelive Bope.I have applied for the PR and i never received any feedback.One day i have received a call that my PR is eady and they will come to deliver it.But never receive it.

    • admin

      Dear Godelive
      We would suggest that you go to home Affairs to collect your outcome and PR, Home Affairs does not deliver.

  171. Dumo Moyo

    Good evening

    I want to apply for PR and I understand I must first submit a motivation before the application. Where do I send the motivation (email)and how long can it takes to get a response?

    After submitting the PR application, how long can it take to be approved.

    Your prompt response will be much appreciated.

  172. Mhlengi

    Hellow.I applied for my application in 2012 March for the change of my surname..It has been three years not recieving my ID or hearing anything about it.the responce I always get is wait!!.I just completed matric last year and it jas been so hard for me yet I lost my parents in 2001 and my Dad left money for me for further studies but I can’t get it.please help me or what would I get as proff at Master of jutice just to get money for my studie fees.plz help.

  173. Mary Schulz

    Please could you urgently refer me to someone who works with the unabridged birth certificates. Tried phoning Pretoria, they dont answer. Tried emailing to advertised email adresses, but they dont exist and emails return. Applied for un abridged birth certificates for my 3 children. Leaving in 2 weeks. Now our local DHF office says we must cancel the trip, because it is not their fault. I need serious help. You seem to respond so I am taking the chance. PLEASE HELP

  174. kashiefa abbas

    Good day

    If u applied for pr and rejected .and u appeal how long does the appeal tskes.ive been on the internet getn hold of the head office bt no answr i spoke 2 regina menoe bt shes nt replying


  175. waqas

    Good evening
    I applied for PRP on Jun 2013 but since I don’t get any reply I went to home affairs but they said I must wait for the sms please help me what must I do and where must I go

  176. Amanda Chapman

    I applied for 3 unabridged birth certificates on 17 July 2014. I was told the application never reached Pretoria. I made reapplication in Jan 2015. I received 2 of the 3 certificates at the beginning of June. My daughters unabridged has still not been processed. How can I follow up on this? I can’t get hold of Pretoria head office. Thank you. Mandy Chapman

    • admin

      The only way is to follow up at Home Affairs again and again. Wishing you good luck!

      • Amanda Chapman

        Every time I phone the local home affairs or go down there they are offline. Is there not anyone other than the local offices that I can contact? Please send me a phone numbers for Pretoria H O or an e mail for Pretoria H O. I am now desperate. … its been almost 1 year of phoning and waiting in queues.

  177. babz

    Hi,I renewed my study permit on 2013 30 may a month b4 the one I had expried.it was approved but its been dispatched ever since then.made countless trips to the home affairs (jhb) until October 2014 a lady that attended to me said I had to send duplicates of my documents which I did with immediate effect but I’m still waiting.they told me to keep calling the Pretoria call center and I was told to fax my duplicates 2015 may which I did but I am extremely worried. My parents are south African citizens I do not want to part with them and I am currently not studying because of that.its painful i m young and my life is stuck.I will appreciate your advice. Thnx

    • admin

      If you would like to follow-up on your application you can either phone the VFS offices or what we would advise:

      Check your status online on the VFS website with your reference number.

  178. Richy

    I applied for my PRP sept last year and i emailed the home affairs regarding my application and i got a respond saying this :The application has been finalized and printed,The outcome will be dispatched within the next week. Does this mean i got it or i have to wait and see? kindly advise pls

  179. sinead

    Hi there,

    I applied for a south african passport late 2013, I never got a sms to collect and dont have my own transport so cannot go to pretoria just to check. I am wanting to know how to find out if I can still pick it up etc although it been so long. I have tried calling, emailing etc and no response please advise

  180. Meme

    I applied for a change of surname and want to do a passport before the year ends but the thing is, is it safe to proceed as my change of surname is not yet approved?

  181. Thabiso

    my dzp expired and i failed to renew it . am nos married to a southafrican citizen and i have a marriage certificate how do i apply for a spousal permit

  182. Shaikh

    Hi i apply for permanent residence permit on 19 September 2011. i have not received any response from home affairs.

  183. it is concerning my husbands permit. i am south african and we are married. we are still awaiting his tempory residency permit . it been 11 months . i contacted Menoe but havent heard anything. he cant leave the country without it what do we do. Anyone else we can contact please we have emailed and tried calling the entire home affairs office. any help will be greatly appreciated. i can send details

  184. zusipho ndayi

    good day, I have a applied for an ID few weeks back. and I have got the first SMS saying they been notified by ID application. But it’s been 3 weeks now i haven’t heard anything. I’m worried I’m sixteen doing matric. I don’t know if I should go check in the center or wait please help please I’m so worried.

  185. Getrude

    Hi I and my husband have been married for 9 now he applied for his ID in 2015 but we have been waiting ever since. please help. our lives has stopped we need to move on.

  186. lee


    I applied in 2012 for a life time partner permit and 4 years later i still dont have an answer , i got a sms 2 days after i applied saying that it has been received at the application office and was given a reference number starting with 1000 . i have followed up every few weeks and get told it is pending .

    i now 4 years later would like to get married and i am not able to because my permit is still pending and i now need a letter of good standing from home affair to get married which they wont give me as my permit is not approved yet . so now what am i suppose to do ?
    no one can tell me whats happening with the permit

  187. mccarthy

    I applied for asylum after which I was granted 30 days to to appeal.after my appeal was granted,i was given 6months asylum permit at the expense of my passport been retrieved at the time of applying.my question is will my passport be given back to me again and why are they holding back passports now?
    Kindly reply

  188. Ethelbert Emeka Irojiogu

    was recently banned to enter SA due to overstay, for 5 years, i overstayed for 60 days. i was ignorant of the law because my agent. i submitted my appeal April 2015 , 5 days after the incident and I’m still waiting for response from the Appeal board . currently I’m staying with my family in Botswana .
    my business is really suffering in south Africa , please help me.

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