The case for Independent Foreign Exchange Providers

Banks are not the only option for foreign exchange and international remittance. Most consumers don’t know this. It makes the illuminal impression that Banks hold a facade monopoly position in the Foreign exchange and remittance markets, whereby they continue to offer sub-standard service at exorbitant prices to an unknowing public. Very often you have to pay high exchange and transfer fees.

According to Sable FX, an independent Foreign exchange and Remittance provider, it is estimated that 300 million per year is lost to these monopolies. The anomaly would occur because a huge number of consumers of Foreign exchange and remittance services would not aware that there are better options in the market. These consumers would shoulder the burdens of the facade monopoly which the banks hold; Private exchange provider advertise that they don’t have high fee’s, hidden costs and poor rates of exchange.

Private independent Foreign exchange and Remittance providers  like AFEX and Sable FX could be an other option to Banks. Often they offer their services to private and corporate clients without transfer fees and no hidden costs.  Sable FX also guarantee that the funds will clear into the recipient account within 3 working days and provide a hassle free. The Sable Group is regulated by HM Customs & Excise and the FSA in the UK and is audited on a regular basis, as well as being registered  and authorised by the FSB in South Africa.

If you would like more information about Sable FX or to find out how they can help you, you can visit their website:

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